Take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Cross-channel measurement and attribution for smarter marketing decisions.

What is AdRoll Advanced Tracking?

AdRoll Advanced Tracking is a cross-channel attribution solution that goes beyond siloed partner reporting to bring all your paid marketing campaign data in one place. With this unified view, marketers surface insights like the top channels, events, and devices your customers interact with along their purchase journey to scale the marketing activities driving growth.

Driving Growth with Holistic Customer Journey View

Real-time Journeys

Make smarter marketing investments based on the entire journey, not a single channel. Capture every customer touchpoint across channels and devices that happen along the purchase path to discover influential interactions and see how channels work together to drive conversions.

  • Drill down into customer journeys by channel, campaign, ad group, and ad to identify which tactics affect customers’ decision to buy or bounce

  • Aggregate top conversion paths by revenue, average order value, and path length

  • See how views and clicks from one channel drives engagement across other channels to optimize overall marketing efforts

Transparent Reporting

Cut reporting time in half with overall marketing mix insights and performance summary. Quickly compare key metrics like Spend, CPA, Attributed Conversions, Assisted Conversions, and Revenue to identify trends across all channels.

  • Get a high-level view of your marketing mix with trend views or leverage the table view to analyze each channel’s performance side-by-side

  • Your data, your rules. Export raw granular conversion paths to analyze in Excel or your favorite business intelligence tools

Guided Modeling

See how your model holds up against others, without having to commit to any wholesale changes or investments. AdRoll Advanced Tracking gives you a safe space to explore how different attribution models define success and guides you through the process of switching.

  • See how different models impact revenue and ROAS for each channel

  • Test, experiment and apply a multi-touch attribution model across all digital activity to accurately assign credit.

Data Unification

Use our extensive library of turnkey integrations to automatically ingest spend data from all your advertising vendors and marketing platforms and de-duplicate conversions for accurate return on investment calculations.

  • Direct integrations to aggregate campaign data like cost & conversions across your marketing mix

  • Easily request new integration connections using the ‘Request +’ button

Cross-Device Identity

Leverage signals from over 1.2 billion digital profiles with IntentMap™, our proprietary cross-device graph that connects touchpoints to users as they engage with your brand across different devices.

White-Glove Onboarding Support

Your dedicated Measure Onboarding Specialist will assist you every step of the way from technical setup to troubleshooting and measurement best practices to make sure getting started is a breeze.