Holiday Marketing Hero

The Ultimate Strategy Guide to 2023’s Busiest Shopping Season

Successful holiday marketing campaigns require so much more than a few clever ads in November and December. Businesses looking to make the most of this busy time of year should be filling their marketing funnels months before peak shopping season — which means getting started as early as August.

In this guide, learn how to plan, prepare, execute, and optimize a holiday campaign shoppers can’t ignore. We’ll walk you through each month, offering detailed tips, tricks, and timelines for everything from early brand awareness to conquering Black Friday and building customer loyalty into the new year.

Brands need to start holiday campaign planning early. If you plan now and launch soon, you’ll benefit from early brand awareness, jumpstart the customer journey, and save money in the long run. Competition is fierce, and will only continue to grow as the holidays approach. If you start cutting through the noise and familiarizing new shoppers with your brand now, you’ll have a full marketing funnel during the biggest shopping season of the year.
Vibhor Kapoor

Vibhor Kapoor, President of AdRoll