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Turn bounces into buyers with a retargeting strategy

The average path to purchase involves 56 touchpoints—or 56 chances to lose shoppers. Our recipe makes it simple to get them back, and buying.

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Bring more shoppers back, with the retargeting pioneers

Only AdRoll has spent more than a decade collecting trillions of data points about billions of shoppers. Our AI makes you better at reaching them, across the web, social, and email.

Gain the power to retarget like a pro

Get visitors back—and buying

Personalized experiences tell people you're paying attention, so they're more likely to purchase. Easily deliver product recommendations and ads that reflect what caught their eye—anywhere online.

Ads + email is the real game-changer

Ads reach shoppers you don't know. Email reaches those you do. Only AdRoll unites them in one platform. We combine your customer data with ours, so you can target and convert more shoppers.

Find more of your visitors, wherever they go

Target shoppers across channels and devices. We help you identify and reach them, so their experience of your brand is consistent and personalized, all along their journey to purchase.

Do more of what's working—in real time

AdRoll gives you the power to continually increase growth, by letting you track campaign performance across audiences and attribute success to the right channels and tactics, across all your campaigns.

Knowing we’re in very capable hands with AdRoll frees up so much time and mental energy. We’ve streamlined our brand awareness strategy and retargeting strategy to strengthen OiOi's position as a quality, stylish, and practical diaper bag brand for the current generation of parents."

OiOi achieved 7x ROAS.

How retargeting works its magic


1. Shoppers browse your products, but leave without buying

2. AdRoll delivers ads + emails about what shoppers liked

3. More shoppers return to your site and buy

4. Identify what’s effective, then repeat what works

5. More shoppers check out, with more in their carts!


Retargeting campaigns can lead to a 147% greater YoY increase in revenue.

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