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Cariloha Supercharges Their Revenue Attribution with AdRoll

Jason Bertrand
AdRoll gives us visibility into all our channels and allows us to track the path to purchase across all of them. We can see whether someone viewed a brand awareness ad or clicked on a paid search result to land on our site. We can determine if a retargeted ad drew them back to complete an abandoned transaction.

—Jason Bertrand, VP of Ecommerce at Cariloha

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EDHEC Business School achieved 8X More Website Traffic with AdRoll

Sonia Gastaud
The first two years that we included the AdRoll campaign in our ongoing marketing cycles, our campaigns resulted in a 2–3X increase in traffic to our websites. This year, we faced a potential challenge when EDHEC launched a more expensive, luxury programme that needed its own footprint. With AdRoll, we formulated two recent campaigns for that programme that led to a 7–8X increase in website traffic.

—Sonia Gastaud, Head of International Marketing at EDHEC Business School

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Grunt Style Generates an 8.4x ROAS with AdRoll

Rory Collins
Thanks to AdRoll, we have taken control of our online advertising spend, and are using it to grow our brand. We have also tackled improving our understanding of our sales data and optimizing our online advertising spend. We are also hoping to branch out beyond apparel and start building a lifestyle brand.

—Rory Collins, Director of E-Commerce at Grunt Style

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Topo Designs achieves 7.6x ROI with AdRoll

Abby Czarniecki
Our sales figures have risen over the last four years, particularly around our holiday campaigns, and we’ve been able to drive a consistent 7.6x ROI. Watching these numbers grow has given us the confidence to try different types of campaigns and to increase our spend with AdRoll each year. We now understand how to hone our marketing strategy to get the most from our online advertising spend.

—Abby Czarniecki, Digital Marketing Manager at Topo Designs

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Volcanica Coffee saw a 191% increase in total revenue with AdRoll

Maurice Contreras
Our audience is converting higher in the funnel, and we are reaching customers at mid intent, before they move to high intent. We couldn't have hit these numbers without the targeting capabilities of AdRoll's E-Commerce Marketing Platform.

—Maurice Contreras, Founder/President of Volcanica Coffee

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