Australia's Top Players in Holiday Marketing

A fireside chat with AdRoll, Searchspring, and Yotpo.

For marketers, navigating the holiday shopping season is a lot like playing a video game: You define your mission, set your strategy, and journey toward the finish line while overcoming obstacles.

With the right planning, skills, and a little help from experts along the way, you can beat the game — which means more revenue and a stronger business foundation for the coming year.

Join marketing experts from AdRoll, Searchspring, and Yotpo as they share their "cheat codes" to win the holiday shopping season.

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Key Topics:

  • Best practices for creating and optimizing your seasonal marketing campaigns
  • How to manage rising CPMs in Q4
  • Tips and tricks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Webinar Type:
View on-demand

Original Live Date:
September 20, 2023

Kate Massey - Head of APAC @ Searchspring
Serena Patel - Head of Account Management APAC @ AdRoll
Shaina Rowe - Account Executive @ Yotpo
Australia's Top Players in Holiday Marketing
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