Launch and learn from campaigns on one marketing platform

This is the platform you’ve been waiting for: AdRoll simplifies your life while growing your revenue. We provide the platform, performance, and services to meet your marketing goals while streamlining your marketing operation.

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Introducing your three superpowers to save time and grow revenue

Brand awareness

We put your brand in front of high intent audiences on top of web and social platforms, plus 500 more sources. Easily create campaigns, including video, display, email, and native.

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Identify and reach visitors wherever they go online, on whatever device. Our best-in-class retargeting algorithms use trillions of data points in shopper behavior to help you deliver what current and new customers want.

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Abandoned cart recovery

Display ads work, but display ads + automated emails work wonders. Our recipe makes it easy to make all the right moves to bring back shoppers who never made it to checkout.

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Find new customers, learn how they shop, and edit your campaigns to reach them most effectively

AdRoll makes it easy to see customer activities across multiple channels, analyze performance, run reports, gather insights, and optimize cross-channel so you can adjust in real time.

Build your list and get them buying

Using our AdRoll list builder, you can customize your audience based on contact attributes and behaviors, using multiple inclusion and exclusion criteria. This will include both identified and anonymous contacts.

Make your contacts count

AdRoll Unified Contacts centralizes your contacts — both anonymous and identified — and enables personalized segmentation across channels. Get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Cross-channel measurement and attribution

Grow faster by doing more of what's working, less of what's not. AdRoll surfaces customers’ top channels, events, and devices. Connect all customer activity—across the web, on social media, and in email—so you can see (and scale) what really drives growth.

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“Thanks to AdRoll, we have taken control of our online advertising spend, and are using it to grow our brand. We have also tackled improving our understanding of our sales data and optimizing our online advertising spend.”

Rory Collins, Director of Ecommerce
Grunt Style

Grunt Style

Display ads + social ads + email — all together in one place

Solve the biggest problems facing marketers. Need to increase brand awareness and get new shoppers? Losing people before checkout? The AdRoll marketing platform has the tools you need.

Digital ads

Harness the power of retargeting ads, brand awareness ads, and prospecting ads to find new customers and keep them coming back. Advertise across 500+ online ad networks, connect with 1.2 Billion potential customers, and find ideal customers with AI-powered predictions.

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Connected social ads

Say goodbye to wasting energy logging into too many social ads managers and cobbling together reports. We make it easy to manage, measure, and analyze ads across web and social — all from one place. Connect Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok channels in a few minutes for a simplified ad platform experience. Only AdRoll provides the ability to manage paid social ads in one platform.

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Email marketing

Want 2x ad performance? Add email to the mix. Easily setup email automation that seamlessly retargets shoppers from the web to social media to the inbox to drive more revenue.

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Protect customer data

Shoppers expect brands to secure their data when they browse and buy online. Protect your brand reputation and your bottom line by complying with changing consent and privacy requirements worldwide.

Consent management

Our digital marketing software makes it simple to deliver a seamless user consent experience, for a positive first site visit.

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Experts to manage your advertising

Want to run effective campaigns but don’t have the bandwidth to manage different platforms? AdRoll managed services can be an extension of your marketing team, providing you with a dedicated platform expert to partner with, helping you and your team achieve your marketing goals and maximize returns from your campaigns.

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