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AdRoll Spring Product Update: The Future of Marketing Automation

Todd Alsup

VP, Product Marketing @ AdRoll

At times, marketing can be fun, rewarding, creative, maybe even feel borderline easy. Your buyers have plenty of money, approval, need, and timely appetite to buy. Most everything you’re doing works, just a matter of fine tuning to what works best. ROI is there, your marketing budget pipe is wide open, there’s both team and time to get creative, think outside the box, swing for the fences; all of those analogies.

Those were the days.

That is NOT the season most marketers find ourselves in today. We’re in a season where it’s just a flat out challenging gig. Macro factors (you know them all well by this point) result in consumer discretionary income tightening to snare drum levels. People and businesses are in economic survival mode, more resistant to change and trying anything new. So lots of business top line revenues that once looked “up and to the right” now look flat or even down.

With all this strain, surely everyone’s business and revenue goals tamper in response. Right? Right?? 

If you’re like most, not so much. Goal targets are still up and to the right. Combine that with shrinking budgets, maybe even shrinking teams, and you have the ingredients to create any marketers’ nightmare: the dreaded “do more with less”. Or in my own parlance: “Pull all the levers, with speed, and with quality… starting yesterday.” Former guidance of picking two between “doing it fast, right, and cheap” doesn’t seem to work, as all three are needed.

Who else is living this reality? *Watches as every hand in this virtual room goes up*

Everyone feeling great?! Pauses for us all to take a five minute mental health walk

Between shrinking budgets, increasing goals, and seemingly endless tasks, marketers are constantly juggling where to spend their time and money to get the best results. For most, this balancing act isn’t limited to one channel, either; decisions must be made across an entire marketing mix, with each channel requiring dedicated analysis and optimization.

In short: it’s a lot to handle. As a marketer myself, I get that. And the AdRoll team, many of whom also spent time on the marketing front lines, get that too. We wanted to build something that could make digital marketers’ jobs not just easier, but give you the information you need to become even better. We wanted to take the vision of a single tool that could house campaign creation, management, and analysis, all in one place, and make that a reality. 

So, we did. 

We are thrilled to introduce AdRoll’s automation builder, an innovative new tool that enables digital marketers of all skill levels to seamlessly launch and run social ads (including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest), display ads, and email from a single interface.

This first-of-its-kind capability empowers marketers to accomplish in one platform what previously required up to six, saving time and money while streamlining campaign performance.

How exactly can users expect to benefit from automation builder? Let’s dive in.  

Un-Silo Your Marketing Stack

Just like silos kill collaboration and effectiveness of people, they quietly are doing the same to your marketing channels. Analyzing and applying learnings across a bunch of different channels that don’t communicate with each other can be hugely frustrating, never mind a waste of time and money. You don’t have hours to cross reference data to optimize performance; you’re lucky if they have a few minutes. 

With automation builder, gone are the days where managing six different channels required six different processes. Our industry-first capability enables marketers to run multi-channel strategies across email, social ads, and display ads seamlessly from a single location. Users can preview marketing automations before setting them live, trigger marketing automation with conditional splits to create personalized experiences that drive more robust site visitor engagement, and leverage dynamic segmentation to drive efficiencies across channels.

Finally, a place to do it all—creating, launching, managing, and analyzing campaigns—all in one place. The result? Quick and easy campaign management that maximizes your time, money, and performance. 

Spend Smart, Not Big

We all know email is a valuable, must-have marketing channel. But, over the years, it’s become a commodity that marketers are unnecessarily overspending on. Email is email, and it’s yet another channel that requires time and money to manage. Those are resources that could be spent elsewhere, so, why not do that?

Forget ESPs that don’t work with your display and social ads. Automation builder enables marketers to consolidate retargeting AND email ads into a single platform. Users can save time while reducing spend on their main ESPs and increasing conversions by delivering a high-performing, seamless consumer experience. Automation builder also allows you to manage segmentation and creative for these campaigns, all in the same experience.

Don’t stretch marketing dollars across multiple platforms when one will do—it’s the smart decision. 

Do More With Less

Your budgets were cut. Your goals weren’t. Sound familiar? 

For many of us, prioritizing spend on what will provide the most value is critical, and we don’t have time to play around. You need to know how to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, every time. 

As nearly impossible as it may sound, doing more with less is achievable with the help of marketing automation. With a library of quick-use, customizable templates for specific use cases (like browse abandonment or cart abandonment), automation builder can help ensure you’re following industry best practices without spending hours optimizing. From there, you can analyze campaign, channel, and asset performance to get a fast and effective view of what’s working to inform smart changes. 

AdRoll users can even view and measure their Google Ads search campaigns in AdRoll through a new integration with Google Ads manager. Now, users can view search ad performance alongside all other displayed marketing channel campaigns, making it easier to see which channels are working best. 

Get the most for your money without compromising quality; it’s the ultimate win win. 

Get Started With Automation Builder

Great marketing shouldn’t require endless budgets, infinite experience, or a massive team. We at AdRoll are so eager to watch as our automation builder will help marketers of all levels drive growth with the resources they have. And we hope you’re equally eager to try it first hand. 

Learn more about automation builder, and see it in action by requesting a demo with us here