Turn one-time donors into long-term supporters with advanced programmatic ads.

Whether your goal is to receive larger donations, secure monthly membership commitments, or win back lapsed donors, AdRoll helps nonprofits spread their mission and achieve greater ROAS.

Solutions that make every ad count

Streamlined, user-friendly campaign management

Go from zero to launch as quickly as you need. Our platform makes it easy for nonprofit organizations to launch, manage, and measure timely and relevant ad campaigns — all from one place.

Retargeting for repeat donations

Re-engage existing supporters by uploading your CRM lists or first-party data. Retargeting campaigns meet your contacts wherever they go, encouraging them to commit to monthly donations or take further action.

Optimal placements across high-performing channels

Never worry about overbidding or bidding on the wrong placements again. Our AI-powered bidding engine targets the right audiences with display, native, video, and social ads for the lowest price.

Expert support, whenever you need it

Extend your marketing and fund development teams with dedicated AdRoll experts. Get the most out of the platform with regular performance check-ins, continuous campaign optimization, creative refreshes, and more.

Trusted by nonprofits around the globe

  • 107,443 new website visitors
  • Up to 16.5× ROAS
  • $1,283,104 attributable funds donated

“With AdRoll, we’ve seen a substantial increase in attributed revenue, ROAS, and website traffic. The AdRoll platform, and the services we get from our account management team, make optimizing our campaigns for efficient and effective performance a breeze.”

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Hunger-Fighting Global Non-Profit

Advertising Strategist at Global Non-profit

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Why AdRoll?

Brand awareness + retargeting campaigns deliver measurable results throughout the sales funnel.

1. Get in front of potential supporters and donors

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2. Re-engage them until they donate or commit to a membership

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