Win more target accounts with ease using AdRoll ABM

As an account-based marketer, you can target key accounts, personalize ads at scale, and measure your impact like never before. AdRoll ABM automatically syncs marketing and sales efforts to help you grow your business-to-business company faster—and easier—than ever.

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Target key accounts

Go after key leads that sales really wants. Onboard your CRM to target ads to desired personas.

Personalize at scale

Accelerate pipeline revenue with ads automatically tailored to sales stage, role, industry, and more—at scale.

Measure your impact

Show off the influence of your marketing efforts on each contact’s journey—all in your CRM.

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing tactic—used across both online and offline channels—that aims to identify, target, and convert specific key accounts that are of higher value to a business.

How does AdRoll ABM work?

AdRoll ABM connects directly into a marketer’s CRM—such as Salesforce or Marketo—syncing to the specific fields and lists of target contacts at their key accounts. AdRoll ABM then attaches those contacts against our database, allowing the marketer to set up highly personalized ad campaigns based on user-determined conditions and target the key contacts at the accounts that matter most.

Based on the rules and/or conditions set (geo, title, intent score, etc.), AdRoll ABM ads—alongside other marketing activities—help marketers show the right message to their target prospects. Additionally, AdRoll ABM uses AdRoll Prospecting to scale marketing efforts by identifying contacts at new target accounts that are similar to those on the target account list. AdRoll Prospecting find these new, high-valued target contacts on intent data gathered from online publishers, social media networks, and advertiser sites. Finally, our measurement capabilities allow marketers to look at their customers’ touch points across every channel. By getting more granular insights and access to AdRoll performance data—located right in their CRM—they’re able to easily understand the customer journey.

Best practices for ABM targeting and personalization

  • Focus on personas at your target accounts. Set rules and conditions based on CRM fields to reach the key accounts and contacts so you can perform at scale.
  • Design eye-catching creatives that speak directly to your key contacts. Personalize your customers’ targeted ads by taking into account their company's name, verticals, job functions, and any other related fields and showcasing products that are tailored to each individual's browsing behavior.

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