The Everything Design Guide for Shopify Stores

Fonts, colors, action! For the artistically inclined, designing your Shopify store can be an exciting challenge. But for marketers and entrepreneurs who feel a little clammy when tasked to choose between serif and non-serif fonts, this process can feel extremely daunting.

Though Shopify has numerous resources that make it easy to get started — we’re talking pre-made theme templates, expert designers for hire, and marketplaces full of apps and widgets — decision paralysis is a very real affliction.

With the sky being virtually the limit when it comes to design options for your Shopify store, where do you begin? Put down the color swatches — here’s the ultimate Shopify store design guide that you’ve always needed but didn’t know existed, which will help you with:

  • Shopify themes
  • Product photos
  • Theme customization
  • Typography
  • And more!
The Everything Design Guide for Shopify Stores