Integrate all your
ad platforms into AdRoll

Managing campaigns and understanding performance across multiple platforms is time-consuming and complicated. AdRoll simplifies your data and gives you a full picture of performance by connecting to the advertising programs you already use.

A few select panels from AdRoll's dashboard.

Analysis and attribution

AdRoll cross-channel attribution reveals how your channels and touchpoints are working together to drive revenue. Ad integrations import your conversion data so you can easily compare across platforms and against your northstar source (such as your ecommerce store, CRM, or Google Analytics).

Launch new ad campaigns

Say goodbye to logging into multiple platforms and stressing about budget allocation. Using our automation builder, create campaigns directly in AdRoll while we coordinate ad placements across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and the web.

Import and edit

We perform hourly imports of campaigns, audiences, assets, and 12 months of historical data from your connected ad accounts. That means one place to make changes and keep your campaigns consistent.