Getting the most bang for their customer’s buck

With their relationship with a top customer on the line, Cherry Media Group optimized their ad placement strategy and increased their ROI by 3x.

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Leah Daly & Mark Coveney
Cherry Media


Turning ad campaigns into real moneymakers


Their client made it loud and clear. Cherry Media Group’s head was on the chopping block if they couldn’t improve upon their already strong results.

Driving website traffic was never an issue for the agency’s co-founders, Leah Daly and Mark Coveney. However, their marketing campaigns needed to deliver more revenue or they would risk losing this customer.

AdRoll helped Leah and Mark streamline their media-buying strategy and place ads on more marketing channels. Their first few campaigns with AdRoll saw an increase in brand awareness and revenue. Their customer was more than happy with the 3x ROI increase this new strategy delivered.

With AdRoll managing the heavy lifting, Leah and Mark were able to focus on what they do best; building strong relationships with their clients.

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Bringing their success to life with AdRoll

An example ad for Cherry Media Group.

Creating ads from scratch

AdRoll’s design squad helped create ads for Leah and Mark. All they had to do was upload their customer’s logo and a high-resolution picture.

Several possible customers.

Getting the best value

Leah and Mark utilized AdRoll’s partnerships with top networks and exchanges to expertly place ads where they would bring the most value.

An example of AdRoll's dashboard.

Moving beyond impressions and clicks

With AdRoll’s attribution dashboard, Leah and Mark found how they could optimize campaigns against ambitious conversion goals.