The State of Marketing Attribution 2016

Insights on meeting attribution challenges in the UK, France and Germany.

Attribution is often been described as trying to find a single source of truth for the relative impact of every channel on the customer path to conversion. With that truth comes power in the form of better insights on where and when to invest marketing budgets and better project return on investment.

The proliferation of the marketing stack, advertising channels and user devices has made that search ever more challenging, as has the various schools of thought around the strategy of attribution.

It’s against this backdrop that AdRoll has partnered with Econsultancy to produce this report on The State of Marketing Attribution in the UK, France and Germany.

Here we look in detail at the strategies that agencies and brands across these markets are employing. We find out how well they are leveraging their data to attract, convert and grow their customer base. And we find out the challenges they face in integrating attribution into their marketing. From all of this we deliver key insights and actionable insights which you can apply to your business in implementing or optimising attribution modelling.