Marketers and Attribution

Over the past few years attribution has become one of the most-discussed concepts in marketing and sales. Everyone agrees it’s critically important to get right, but there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” model. Meanwhile countless whitepapers have been written, all with the goal of providing a brief precis of the best way to measure it, but the reality is there’s no universally correct answer.

Given the myriad challenges inherent in attribution, and the sheer complexity of it, we decided against writing yet another ‘whitepaper’, joking that since most marketers use custom attribution models, the best we’d be able to create was a murky, grey paper.

Instead we talked to professionals in the field about attribution and published a ‘discussion paper’ to explore every aspect of this complex and ever-changing topic. In the report we examine a wide array of topics including the best attribution models available, challenges traditional models are facing in the new media landscape, roadblocks to change, and the future of attribution modeling. We trust this paper will be more useful to marketers than a traditional whitepaper, and will hopefully become a conversation starter and springboard to action and debate within the industry.

Our discussion covers many aspects of attribution as experienced by today’s Australian marketers, and includes the following topics:

  • The most common attribution models
  • Who is measuring attribution
  • li>Why marketers are moving away from last-click
  • Challenges preventing companies from changing models
  • The future of attribution and what it looks like to marketers