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AdRoll always delivers on performance. Their services and solutions are transparent and easy to understand. Their creative team offers us the flexibility we need in our fast-paced industry, while still making sure we have control."

Felipe Bravo, Head of Online Marketing, ROIBACK

Checking In for Performance Made Easy

After a few frustrations with other platforms, Hotelier agency ROIBACK was looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use marketing solution. ROIBACK needed a full-funnel partner who could offer transparency, control, account management, and speedy creative support.

More Bookings with Full-Funnel Solutions

After reviewing AdRoll’s full-funnel performance marketing platform, ROIBACK decided to test it with their largest travel client—Hotels Plaza Andorra—one of the largest Spanish hotel chain with multiple websites.

The agency used AdRoll Attract to bring new high-quality visitors to their sites. They also started AdRoll Convert to maximise ROI and increase conversions.

Within a year, ROIBACK was seeing a 15% increase in sales and an average 5.5x ROI.

“Working with AdRoll really supports ROIBACK’s strategy and helps us to offer the best retargeting and prospecting service to our clients in the travel industry,” said Felipe Bravo, ROIBACK Head of Online Marketing.

Hot Amenities: Clear Reporting and Quick Creative

In order to maintain performance, AdRoll provided monthly reports that made it simple to see exactly how all campaigns were performing. With that information, ROIBACK could easily optimise their campaigns to convert more new and existing visitors.

ROIBACK produces many different seasonal campaigns throughout the year. With help from their AdRoll account executive, they are able to adjust their targeting and modify their creative— so ads are on brand and delivered quickly as promotions change.

For example, with only one month before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, AdRoll and ROIBACK partnered on an awareness campaign. A week after the campaign launched, ROI increased by 25%.

“Having Adroll as a global partner allows us to have total peace of mind when it comes to offering marketing solutions to our clients,” said Bravo. “They provide a great service, giving us what we value.”


  • +15% increase in conversions*
  • 5.5x average return on investment (ROI)


ROIBACK inspires digital solutions to power direct sales for hotels. They offer custom-made website designs, a booking engine, and digital marketing in order to deliver industry-leading conversion rates.

*Comparing Feb 2017 to Feb 2016

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