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We don’t look for vendors. We look for partners who are dedicated to help us grow our business. With AdRoll, we don’t have to worry at all about this—there are very few vendors we are able to work with in that capacity."

Wesley McMahon, Vice President of Marketing, AMain Hobbies

Making Success a Hobby

AMain Performance Sports and Hobbies had decent site traffic and brand recognition but was struggling to convert site visitors into loyal customers. Their nimble team decided to partner with AdRoll to get better retargeting results.

Radioing for Retargeting

After trying nearly every type of marketing effort to increase conversions—digital, display, grassroots campaigns, banners, print, and even TV commercials—AMain turned to AdRoll. Given their lean team, they needed a solution that would be easy to use and drive strong results.

“Our biggest challenge is resources. So if I’m evaluating a product, I want to know if I’m spending money to drive true incremental benefit, or if this is business I would already get,” explained Wes McMahon, vice president of marketing.

AMain added AdRoll Convert on Facebook to its arsenal of marketing solutions and the results quickly flowed in: the team saw a 26.5x ROI.

“The testing we did answered our questions without a margin of doubt,” said McMahon. “We had an easy implementation and drove strong results. Retargeting is bolt-on revenue with a relatively low acquisition cost.”

Speeding Up Sales with Email

While strong retargeting results impressed the team at AMain, they found something even more valuable working with AdRoll.

“We don’t look for vendors—we look for partners who are dedicated to help us grow our business,” said McMahon. “The scale and price of our activities don’t matter as long as we're confident that we’re getting a true return on investment. With AdRoll, we don’t have to worry at all about this—there are very few vendors we are able to work with in this capacity.”

Based on their experience, the team trusted AdRoll to take their retargeting campaigns into the inbox and implemented email retargeting.

The results were impressive. AdRoll emails yielded a 90% open rate. Additionally, AMain saw 1,908 incremental conversions—over 775% more conversions thanks to AdRoll.

“We’d recommend AdRoll emails because it’s low-impact, high-return,” said Derrick Threatt, digital marketing manager at AMain. “I love the simplicity of AdRoll emails: they’re easy to use, quick to set up, and have a low price point. The benefits of the platform are significant, with an incredibly high return on investment.”

About AMain Performance Hobbies

AMain Performance Sports & Hobbies is a multi-channel hobby retailer operating out of Chico, CA. AMain maintains a broad selection of inventory, including the widest selection of radio-controlled planes, helicopters, and cars in the world. Priding themselves on excellent customer service, AMain gives back to the RC community by sponsoring races and charitable events.

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