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Over the past few years, retargeting has become as essential as search-engine marketing and email for engaging and converting customers. In this essential guide, co-authors Adam Berke (President of AdRoll) Lauren Vaccarello (VP of Marketing) and Greg Fulton (Head of Product) teach marketers how to drive real revenue with retargeting.

Topics include:

  • Who should use retargeting—and why

  • What it takes to define optimization strategies that work

  • How to face the opportunities (and challenges) of mobile retargeting

  • How to align retargeting and email

  • What happens when retargeting meets social media

  • ...and much more!

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About the Authors

Adam Berke (@adamberke)

Adam Berke is an online advertising industry expert and President of AdRoll. He is part of AdRoll’s founding team and is passionate about performance advertising and marketing analytics. Adam is a guest author for ClickZ and AdExchanger, as well as a frequent speaker at industry events such as SES, SMX, OMMA, South by Southwest and ad:tech. Prior to AdRoll, Adam helped to launch the CPL network at Aptimus, a publicly-traded ad network acquired by the Apollo Group. Outside of work, Adam is an avid surfer, kiteboarder and barefoot runner. He lives in San Francisco.


Lauren Vaccarello (@laurenv)

Lauren Vaccarello is a digital marketing thought leader, author, and AdRoll’s Vice President of Marketing. Well-versed in running both online and offline marketing campaigns, Lauren also co-authored the highly-regarded book “Complete B2B Online Marketing.” Prior to AdRoll, Lauren led online marketing at Salesforce, the market and technology leader in enterprise cloud computing. She was a member of the Google Tech Advisory Council and is a popular speaker at industry events such as ad:tech, South by Southwest, ClickZ Live, eMetrics and the Online Marketing Summit. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys boxing, pilates and swordfighting.

Greg Fulton (@gregfulton)

Greg Fulton creates cutting-edge display products that are simple, scalable and effective as AdRoll’s Head of Product. During AdRoll’s earlier days, Greg was tasked with building an advertising operations department able to service thousands of advertisers. In doing so, he gained intimate knowledge about what truly successful retargeting campaigns can do for clients. Prior to AdRoll, Greg managed marketing communications at TechTribe, a career networking portal. Greg lives in San Francisco and has three passions outside of online advertising: surfing, mountain biking, and skiing.