Report highlights:
  • Key performance metrics for Facebook on desktop and mobile

  • Benchmarks for CTR and CPC

  • Incremental performance benefits of adding mobile campaigns

  • Industries with the fastest adoption rates

  • 2014 AdRoll inventory analysis


Since the successful launch of retargeting in the News Feed, Facebook has been doubling down on retargeting ad products, now offering two ways to retarget users on the platform: Facebook Exchange (FBX) and Custom Audiences from your Website (WCA). Sophisticated performance-driven advertisers have flocked to retargeting on the News Feed on both desktop and mobile, testing the benefits of each.

For advertisers new to retargeting on Facebook, we wanted to analyze performance results across advertisers to offer insights on retargeting in the News Feed on desktop and mobile, and to educate marketers on the best way to drive results for their business. In this year’s Facebook by the Numbers report, we reviewed data from over 800 million impressions across 215 AdRoll advertisers running retargeting campaigns on Facebook on desktop, Facebook on mobile, and the web.