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With AdRoll’s full-funnel display strategy (including in-depth segmentation, attribution modeling and custom creative designs), we could avoid over-aggressive targeting and focus on a personalised experience where the CLUSE brand value was front and centre."

Erik Swen, Digital Marketing Manager, CLUSE

Time waits for no one which is why the team at CLUSE, one of the hottest watch & jewellery makers in the world, are in such a hurry to grow. Digital marketing manager, Erik Swen, stopped by the AdRoll Dublin office to tell their story and how they #DareToGrow.

Creating dynamic shopping experiences

Looking to transition from a mid-sized company to a powerhouse international brand, CLUSE needed help personalising their customer journeys.

Finding new customers—in no time

Dutch watch & jewellery brand, CLUSE, is a company on the rise. But Digital Marketing Manager, Erik Swen, had set his sights on more ambitious goals.

‘First of all, we would like to grow our existing markets by a rate of +20% year-over-year but also expand into countries we haven't set foot in yet,’ Swen says.

The AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform provided an effective solution for finding in-market audiences. ‘Capturing new unique visitors is one of our main goals. AdRoll allowed us to target a unique group of visitors that we couldn't reach through other channels,’ Swen says.

Looking to avoid ad-fatigue, CLUSE needed help developing creative that was fresh, engaging, and captivating. ‘We didn't have the manpower, knowledge, and technology to customise ad designs by ourselves (and were therefore stuck with standardised creatives),’ Swen says.

With our backing, CLUSE was able to eliminate this particular pain point. ‘The AdRoll creative team helped us significantly improve the quality of our banner ads. Features like video content, social media buttons (included within the design), multiple images per product, and customised freedom allowed us to add the right brand feeling,’ Swen says.


CLUSE, founded in 2013, is a Dutch-based watch & jewellery maker. Known for their elegant and minimalistic designs, they’ve become one of the most sought-after (and hottest) brands in record time.

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