How to improve your digital campaigns with A/B tests

Veronica Covdy, our Growth Marketing Manager breaks down how A/B tests can better determine what messaging resonates with your customers. Use these tips to ensure your digital campaigns are optimized and driving revenue!

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Hey there! I'm Veronica, and I'm a growth marketing manager here at AdRoll. I'm here to talk to you about how you can use A/B tests to improve your digital campaigns.

Testing is super important because it takes the guesswork out of optimizing your digital campaigns and allows you to make decisions backed by data. By measuring the impact that a change has on your metrics, your campaigns are guaranteed to improve over time.

So let's get into it. What exactly is an A/B test?

An A/B test is when marketers set up different versions of the same campaign to send to customers. Just like a scientist, the purpose is to test a change within your digital campaign to see if it improves results while maintaining a constant, also known as your control. You can test almost any part of a digital campaign, different channels, audiences, ads, messaging, landing pages, and much more.

To start, figure out what questions you want to answer and turn them into hypotheses. I recommend starting out small. So run a test with just two variations, one change and one control, so you can easily interpret how the variation influenced the result. This could be anything from sending emails with two different subject lines or using two different colored CTA buttons on your Facebook ad campaigns. Just don't change too many things at once or you won't be able to tell what made a difference!

Once you've picked your variables, split your test group evenly and randomly. This will ensure the most accurate results. And finally, be sure you have a clean way to measure the results of your tests. This means making sure you can tell which variable performed better. And obviously, performance can mean many things so it's important to define success prior to launching your tests.

Make sure you prioritize your A/B tests in order to get the most bang for your buck. Sometimes it's great to test out the low-hanging fruit and reach a quick solution, while other times it's better to tackle a more complicated issue and work through it with a variety of different tests.

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