Cutting through the internet noise with video advertising

Video advertising has become the preferred form of content among most shoppers. Our solution specialist, Kimmie, explains how you can leverage this highly popular ad format to drive revenue across all of your online display campaigns.

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Hi, I'm Kimmie, and I'm a solution specialist in AdRoll. To put it simply, there is a lot going on the internet, from quick moving social media feeds, to click-baity articles, to advertisement's seemingly everywhere, it can be really hard to capture the attention of a shopper online.

So as an online retailer, how can you stand out to impact your target audience?

Leveraging video in your online ad campaigns is a great way to bring your brand to life. Video allows you to showcase a product and connect with your customers in an ad format that's both highly engaging, and statistically preferred amongst most online shoppers. So how can you be successful with video?

We've put together five best practice tips to keep in mind when creating your video ads.

Make sure your brand's logo is present in the video. According to Facebook, three times more people were engaged with a video when a brand name and message were presented in the first 10 seconds.

Next, have a hook that engages viewers during the first three to four seconds of your video. Make sure your videos make sense without sound. Viewers may be watching on mute while they're traveling, or at work, and you still want the value to be clear. If you need to have dialogue, add subtitles.

Provide a clear, customized call to action. And finally, make sure to keep mobile top of mind. Mobile is now more popular than desktop, so it's important to ensure your videos are mobile friendly on platforms like Instagram.

Don't have the resources to create your own video ads? No worries.

We have some awesome partners that can do the heavy lifting to get you the videos you need, from gifs, all the way to minute long productions.

By using AdRoll video ads you can connect with your audience across the web, Facebook, and Instagram, through one platform, with minimum effort and maximum results.

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