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Volcanica Coffee: Creating a Legacy for Generations to Come

Evi Katsoulieri

Product Manager @ AdRoll

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In this week's episode, we chat with Aaron Contreras, Volcanica's Director of Coffee, about all things manufacturing, customer retention, and automation.

To say that Aaron is a "coffee connoisseur" is an understatement — he's been an active part of the family business since the age of six. And in this episode, he delves into the family story behind the brand — starting with how they built the company from the ground up in their garage and self-shipped the first packages to eventually growing into one of the largest online gourmet coffee retailers.

But, how did a small business scale such great heights? By making sure that their customers have the perfect online experience and are 100% satisfied with their products. Understanding customers' needs and introducing them to something new and exciting can forge a loyal relationship. 

Their love for providing an exceptional customer experience is also present in their unique packaging. In the below short video, Chris Van Wagoner, AdRoll’s Head of Lifecycle Marketing, analyzes how Volcanica Coffee establishes their brand with their packaging:

To continue to provide exceptional customer service, Volcanica's team ensures that their online presence is consistent and helpful to their customers. For example, they have a customized AI Facebook chatbot called Jose, proving that AI assistants, chatbots, and smart search engines are here to stay!

Pour a cup of ☕ and enjoy this week's episode, which will cover: 

  • Why lean manufacturing is so crucial for small businesses — Aaron talks about the process and effort needed to build your facility and keep up with the demand and customers' needs. 
  • How providing an excellent customer experience can be even more important than the price or product. 
  • Why being ahead of the curve and providing new product recommendations is critical for a business.
  • And how Volcanica uses technology like AI to enhance their relationship with customers. 

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