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How to Increase ROAS: 3 Tips from Kevin Brkal

Guest Author: Kevin Brkal

Founder and President of KNB Online

As you close the door on 2022 and begin stepping into 2023, it’s likely that one of your top priorities as a digital marketer is to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and get more bang for your marketing bucks. Although you’re marketing in a difficult macroeconomic environment, you can grow your business this year by focusing on optimization. To help you do just that we turned to one of the absolute best ROAS experts in the paid advertising industry. Read on for 3 tips from Kevin Brkal!  

About Kevin Brkal 

Kevin Brkal is the Founder and President of KNB Online. Having been a digital marketing technologist for over 20 years, Kevin has a passion for problem-solving. He loves driving incredible ROAS for KNB Online clients and through his great work, Kevin has become one of the digital marketing industry’s leading advertising experts. Kevin and his team put proof to the pudding; as they consistently deliver at least a 9X ROAS (and oftentimes much more) for their clients. 

Kevin Brkal’s 3 Tips to Increase ROAS in 2023  

1. Leverage More Data

Many digital marketers unfortunately don’t get the ROI they are looking for from their paid ad campaigns because they fail to set them up for success. This failure boils down to a combination of these 3 key common mistakes: 

  1. Setting bad objectives. Running an ad campaign that delivers great ROAS begins with determining campaign objectives, goals, and KPIs that will help you to create a great campaign plan and execute it successfully. Too often, marketers shoot themselves in the foot taking this first step. Start with your company’s top-line business goals to define your campaign objective. Once you have defined your campaign objective define goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) by which you’ll measure whether or not you’ve achieved

  2. Failing to setup proper tracking. After ineffective goal and KPI-setting, it’s common for marketers to miss the mark when it comes to setting up proper campaign performance tracking. This is because UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) are often misunderstood, misused, and mismanaged. Learn how to manage UTMs by getting and reading this guide and / or by watching this webinar on-demand. 

  3. Blowing through budget too quickly. Finally, the last most-common mistake digital marketers make is to blow through their ad campaign budget too quickly. One problem is that many marketers became reliant on Facebook when Facebook had everything figured out. But things change, and Facebook now takes a much broader approach to audience targeting. Casting a wider net doesn’t work for a lot of industries, especially those that deal with higher-priced items and have longer buying cycles.. To help, focus on personalized customer targeting and retargeting. 

2. Focus On Retargeting

Retargeting is a digital marketing method that allows you to show personalized ad content to visitors who have previously visited your website while they are elsewhere on the web. This includes when they are on other websites, in email, when searching for similar products using an engine like Google, and when they’re scrolling on social media.

Retargeting is extremely effective when done right, while simply showing your shoppers the original ads they saw before coming to your site or generic ads that have little to do with where they are in their journey won’t quite do the trick. Instead, I recommend that you focus on personalization, relevance, and optimization to increase your ROAS from your retargeting campaigns. In other words, to bring your shoppers back to your site you need to meet them where they are online with ad content that is relevant to them based on who they are, what their previous behavior getting to know your brand has been, and where they are in their shopping journey. 

To learn more, check out my blog and follow me on LinkedIn. You can also read AdRoll’s Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting.

3. Improve Your Ad Creatives 

When it comes to paid advertising, it literally pays to stand out from the competition. The key to standing out is to have crisp and clear banners that are true to your brand and that contain the right content for the audience segment you’re showing it to.

One of the keys to getting high ROAS for KNB clients marketing and advertising using AdRoll, is to leverage HTML5 banners. Traditional banners, whether static or animated, tend to be low quality. What’s the point of creating a display if it’s hard to see? HTML5 banners, by contrast, are crisp and clear. Whether it’s viewed on a mobile device or a Mac with Retina display, the banner will look good, stand out, and consequently perform better. It sounds simple, but many marketers don’t do it, partly because uploading HTML5 into Google is an arduous process. AdRoll makes that process easy, and now we use HTML5 banners for all of our clients. 

Read this article to learn about how HTML5 ads work in AdRoll. 

How I Drive Incredible ROI for KNB Online Clients Using AdRoll

My team and I at KNB Online have delivered impressive results for our clients using AdRoll, including 9.5X ROAS and attributed revenue of up to 103%. A few examples include:

  • 12,280% ROI: Spent $5,654 and generated $700,000 in revenue 

  • 3,463% ROI: Spent $14,528 and generated $517,777 in revenue 

  • 781% ROI: Spent $12,755 and generated $112,447 in revenue

To learn more, check out my AdRoll customer case study story, or watch my AdRoll webinar "Master the Art of Retargeting: How to Get 10x ROAS and More."

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