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Customer Celebration: How One Digital Marketer is Growing Multiple Shopify Plus Stores Programmatically With AdRoll

Stephanie Abe

Community Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

James Plumb is a strategic Digital Marketing Manager and growth lead at Health Nutrition, a global supplement company that’s been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and live healthier lives for over two decades. With just 15 people, Health Nutrition’s team is lean and agile, despite being responsible for the growth and retention of more than a dozen different brands.

Challenged with increasing growth for all Health Nutrition brands across multiple advertising platforms, James struggled to manage passwords, logins, and complex billing for each. This was creating a lot of overhead — and wasting time James didn’t have to spare. 

Beyond dealing with overwhelming administrative issues, James also had difficulty getting customers who had abandoned items in their shopping carts to come back to Health Nutrition’s sites. 

To resolve these issues and support scaling the business while staying lean, the team implemented a new strategy to efficiently::

  • increase Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) holiday campaign sales by 52%

  • lift return site visitors by 132%

  • reclaim three hours of James’ time per day 

Combining Shopify Plus and AdRoll to Grow Multiple Stores Efficiently 

To start, James and his team migrated Health Nutrition and its many brands and product lines to the Shopify Plus ecommerce platform. 

We were extremely happy with its integrations and streamlined checkout and cart functionalities including multi-currency and Shopify Pay support. Using Shopify Plus also reduced our development time because it’s so easy to customize, and we were no longer using different stacks and platforms for our various brands.” 

After getting their brands up and running on Shopify Plus stores, the team looked for an all-in-one solution to streamline their paid campaigns and target hard-to-reach customers. They found it in AdRoll’s programmatic advertising platform. 

Unlocking the Power of AdRoll and Shopify Plus 

James and the Health Nutrition team wanted to consolidate ad platforms and gain greater control over their paid media campaigns. They decided to adopt AdRoll because they needed a proven ad-tech point solution that powered a stronger overall marketing strategy — and AdRoll does just that.. 

AdRoll seamlessly integrates with Shopify and automatically imports merchants’ product feeds to create dynamic ads that reflect the interests and behaviors of individual shoppers. Using the integration, James and his team are achieving their goal of streamlining campaign management. 

As promised, AdRoll worked right out of the box with our Shopify Plus stores. The AdRoll pixel integration automatically built audiences based on how often they visited our Shopify stores or looked at our products. We could add and remove any of our brands from the platform with a single click. It synched up all of our campaigns and allowed us to perform A/B tests to find the best way to distribute our ad spend.”

While they initially wanted to work directly with ad networks, the team has found AdRoll can better meet their needs because of the Managed Services offering

We’re not a big fish, so companies like Meta, Google, and Amazon don’t provide us with the support we need. By contrast, our AdRoll customer success manager is very responsive and supportive. We get help when we need it — from an actual human — including information about new features, updates on account activity, and advice on running effective campaigns.” 

Saving Time and Getting Results

Before Shopify Plus and AdRoll, the Health Nutrition team had a lot of manual overhead. The CRM and email teams were sorting through customer lists and manually determining who gets what message (and when) — a system that just wasn’t sustainable and resulted in cart abandonment early in the shopping journey.

Since becoming an AdRoll customer in the summer of 2023, James and his team have been consistently exceeding their growth goals. The team has increased BFCM holiday campaign sales by 52%, lifted return site visitors by 132%, and gotten time back to focus on what matters. The catalyst to their success? Adopting ecommerce and advertising solutions that work better together.  

As a company that helps people lead better lives, Health Nutrition strives to provide the right product to the right person at the right price. AdRoll is helping us find and retain customers who want to improve or maintain their health, optimize performance, and enjoy life.” 

Grow Your Shopify Store Efficiently

AdRoll is the marketing and advertising platform that helps merchants grow their Shopify Plus stores — regardless of team size. Ready to find out how we can help you become more efficient? Get in touch now

To learn more about how James and the Health Nutrition team have efficiently grown multiple Shopify Plus stores, read their full AdRoll customer story

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