Paid Advertising with AdRoll Growth Platform

Attract more of the right customers to your site with paid advertising across display, social networks & native:

  • Promote relevant products to 1.2 Billion potential shoppers with dynamic paidads
  • Connect with the right shoppers using AdRoll’s AI-powered ad targeting
  • Drive repeat purchases and bring window-shoppers back to make a purchase
  • Manage all your paid advertising across display, social networks & video.

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Maximum Reach

Build your brand everywhere. Place online ads across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, AppNexus, OpenX, and other leading exchanges and publishers.

Expert Retargeting

We distilled our experience working with over 37,000 advertisers down to a science and combined it with expert machine learning to get you results. Know-how goes a long way.

Flexible Segmentation

Over 300 intent signals calibrate the aim of your retargeted ads to make sure you reach high-intent customers with relevant ads at the right time. Forget guesswork. Science!

Boost Brand Awareness with Cross-Channel Advertising

AdRoll makes it easy to create compelling display ad campaigns for awareness and retargeting, with easy measurement and optimization all in one platform. Access leading exchanges and publishers, including the largest social platforms.

AdRoll Retargeting Brings Shoppers Back

  • 96% of shoppers leave before they buy. Bring them back when they are ready to purchase with machine learning powered retargeting from AdRoll
  • Over 300 intent signals calibrate the aim of your retargeted ads to make sure you reach high-intent customers with relevant ads at the right time

Personalize shopping experiences to increase revenue

Automatically show shoppers the most relevant products through dynamic ads, email, and personalized product recommendations. AdRoll’s pairs everything you know about your customers with everything we know about over 1.2 billion shoppers to surface items they’ll love—and buy.

Measure, test, & repeat

Think beyond customer acquisition, and leverage your customer relationships to drive growth. AdRoll helps you increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, with advanced measurement and attribution. Test, measure and optimize with in-depth, customizable reporting.

Leverage Native Placements

Drive more purchases & higher engagement.

  • Consumers view native ads 53% more frequently than banner ads
  • Native ads drive an 18% higher lift in purchase intention
  • AdRoll native users report 40% lower CPC than banner ads

Reach Millenials

Millennials pay less attention to traditional methods of advertising, yet they represent $200 billion in annual buying power. Native ads reach this age group better: 1 in 5 millennials exclusively read headlines and 80% say in-feed native ads offer a good user experience.

How AdRoll Pricing Works

Set Your Budget

Set your daily campaign budgets and adjust on-the-fly.

Choose Your Goals

Different campaigns have different goals; AdRoll meets all of them.

Optimize Automatically

Machine learning allocates your budget to ads and placements that perform best.

Analyze Your Results

We provide detailed metrics and analysis for continued campaign success.

Drive business growth with online advertising at AdRoll

Our customers average 5x return on online ad spend. Don’t miss out.

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