Case Study | Industry: B2B

Products Used: AdRoll Retargeting


increase in CTR


decrease in cost per click (CPC)


increase in click to conversion (CTC)

[With the Hubspot integration], we increased our click-to-conversion (CTC) rate nearly 300% by adjusting messaging based on the stage in the customer lifecycle. Now we have more control over conversations and know where to invest on leads that are more likely to convert.

—Niek Dekker
Marketing Manager, Rezdy

Connecting Might: AdRoll Integrations Add Power

Rezdy was seeing success with AdRoll—but they wanted to take their performance to the next level. With the HubSpot integration, they were able to increase conversions while decreasing costs.

Destination Efficiency: Better Marketing in Record Time

Once the Rezdy marketing team started retargeting with AdRoll’s customer relationship management (CRM) integration, they began to see great results. However, the team found it cumbersome to constantly update different email lists manually.

Thus, Rezdy decided to try AdRoll’s Hubspot integration and target the same exact lists in their Hubspot sequences—with no additional maintenance needed.

“Uploading our email lists manually was still useful, but it was such a timesaver for the Hubspot integration to take care of that automatically,” said Rezdy marketing manager Niek Dekker.

They transferred over all of their Hubspot data to the AdRoll platform, with the option to place the AdRoll pixel on any Hubspot page. Dekker took advantage of the integration to quickly run different account-based marketing campaigns with his different lead lists, excluding all of his disqualified leads.

Book Now: More Conversions at Bargain Rates

After implementing the Hubspot integration, Rezdy found that much of their upper-funnel traffic was not a suitable fit for their product. They were able to use this information to shift their strategy and target those who were more likely to convert.

“With the integration, we know exactly who we want to target, so we can allocate more budget to the leads we know will convert,” Dekker said.

Thus, by combining offline data with AdRoll data, Rezdy can keep their brand top-of-mind with their target audience at a low price. By reaching their customers more effectively through Facebook and other web retargeting strategies, Rezdy was able to increase CTR by 400%, increase CTC by almost 300%, and decrease CPC by 66%.

About Rezdy

With a business-to-business cloud platform, Rezdy is a global distribution system connecting booking agencies and tourist attractions. They provide point-of-sale and inventory management systems to tour operators and allow two-way, real-time connections with online travel agencies.

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