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AdRoll Email is intent-based email, tailored to our individual customers. We use it to drive shoppers towards a conversion when they’re in the funnel.

—Enrico Casati
Founder and CEO, Velasca

Performance through personalization

Velasca uses AdRoll Email to increase customer lifetime value and drive sales.

Getting better traction with buyers

E-commerce retailer Velasca needs digital solutions to keep shoppers engaged with their brand. “We get our shoppers’ contact information as early as possible in the purchase funnel,” says Enrico Casati, founder and CEO. “It takes a few weeks between getting their information and their first purchase, so we use email to stay top of mind.” Using behavioral data from the site, AdRoll Email helps send the right message at each stage of the customer journey. “The downside of newsletters is that they’re not personalized,” says Casati, but “AdRoll Email’s intent-based messaging is tailored to each of our shoppers based on what they’ve done on our website.”

Staying in step with shoppers

Being able to reach customers on any device is an important part of Velasca’s marketing strategy. Since a significant volume of their site traffic comes from mobile, they’re always looking for new ways to drive conversions—and AdRoll Email is the ultimate solution. “Email is the best cross-device channel,” Casati explains. “It lasts longer than an ad, and gives shoppers more flexibility and control around where and when to react to the message.” And Velasca’s customers have responded positively to the change: those who receive AdRoll Email messages spend 19% more time on Velasca’s website than those who received emails from other platforms.

About Velasca

With quality products at a fair price, Velasca makes luxury accessible to all. Designed in Milan, Velasca shoes are handmade by artisans in Montegranaro.