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Online sales overall lift

AdRoll helps us devise campaigns for SSE Airtricity that consistently exceed expectations. They have quickly become a critical element of any digital marketing we do."

—Lisa Dunn
Account Executive, TinderPoint

Driving success on social media

TinderPoint and SSE Airtricity turned to AdRoll to promote their ‘switch’ unit rate discount offer and e-Car competition with a social media campaign aimed at potential new customers.

Performance, transparency, and service

クロスプラットフォームのリターゲティングはSSE Airtricityのような公益事業会社にとっては特に重要です。消費者はネットで様々な検索を行ってから電力供給者を選んでおり、SSE Airtricityはデジタルコンテンツを打ち出している多くのブランドとの競争が必要でした。TinderPointは検索を終えてもコンバージョンしていない層にリターゲティングキャンペーンを使ってウェブサイトに呼び戻すことを提案しました。

TinderPointとSSE AirtricityがAdRollのサービス利用を始めると、すぐに結果が現れました。AdRollは今やSSE Airtricityのデジタル広告キャンペーンすべてに必須のチャネルとなっています。

“AdRoll helps us maximise return on investment and make our budgets work harder,” says Lisa Dunn, account executive at TinderPoint. “Since coming to AdRoll we’ve increased our spend on retargeting on numerous occasions, and continue to be impressed by the results.”

A priority in any digital marketing campaign is attribution transparency. “AdRoll’s platform is essential for us in evaluating performance,” raves Dunn. “It’s a great reassurance to clients like SSE Airtricity to know we know we are using data to target warm leads and focus on segments that have been shown to get results.”

Results beyond budget and expectation

“Between Google, Facebook, and Twitter inventory options, we’ve been so happy with the AdRoll results for SSE Airtricity on this campaign that we increased our activity and diverted more budget toward retargeting,” reports Dunn. “On top of the great results, we are getting more bang for our budget than we ever did before with our cost per acquisition coming in at more than 50% lower than our campaign target.”

About TinderPoint and SSE Airtricity

TinderPoint, an integrated digital and search marketing agency who have been igniting digital performance since 2002, is the digital marketing agency for SSE Airtricity, Ireland’s fastest-growing energy utility and part of the FTSE Top-50 listed SSE Group.