Good news: Instagram is now open to advertisers

Instagram is a hot advertising platform in large part due to hundreds of millions of active users. Luckily for advertisers, this means ads should look user-generated—this is to say, your ads don’t require a professional photographer. Phew!

Since we all haven’t mastered the art of Instafame, Ru Chen, a badass photographer and AdRoll’s associate director of multimedia, put together a guide with tips and tricks that’ll help you turn your smartphone pics into likeable organic or paid content.

Highlights from Instagram Advertising: Best Practices

  • How tos on creating a cohesive and compelling narrative on Instagram
  • Deciding on social or paid content
  • Specific tips on photographing people and products, complete with examples
  • Best practices and tools to edit photos
  • Hand-picked resources to dive deeper into the world of photography
  • And more!

Published: September 2016
Topic(s): Instagram