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Set your retargeting budget based on the number of visitors to your site.
No commitments. No minimums.

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Monthly Visitors


Use the slider to determine a starting budget

To run an effective campaign, we suggest that you set a weekly budget based on the number of unique monthly visitors to your site.

Launch Your Campaign

A few things to keep in mind when setting your budget

Site traffic

Match your budget to the number of visitors to your website. Use the calculator above to make sure you don’t miss a chance to reach more of your audience.


Many of our retail clients see spikes in traffic around the holidays. Plan ahead for your busy seasons and seize more opportunities.


If you’ll be attracting more people to your site by running a promotion, be prepared to capitalize on the increased site traffic by expanding your campaign.

Historical spend

After your campaign has been running for a few months, review your data in the AdRoll dashboard to as- sess if you should decrease or increase your budget.

How we bid

How does AdRoll bid on an advertiser's behalf?

AdRoll uses a dynamic bidding system that automatically evaluates a user’s intent to purchase to determine the bid amount for a specific ad. When a user demonstrates a low intent to purchase, AdRoll bids lower for ad space. When a user demonstrates a high intent to purchase, AdRoll will attempt to bid higher than competing advertisers to win the ad space on a second price auction basis.

No commitments. No minimums. Just an increased ROI.

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