Event Date: April 28th, 11am PST
Host(s): Sarah McCredie, email expert and director of partnerships, Campaign Monitor & Mike Norland, head of global SMB marketing, AdRoll

Email Marketing Reboot: 10 Tactics for Inbox Domination

Email marketing is an effective and personal way to reach your audience, but are you doing everything you can to optimize your emails? Learn how to stay on top of the overflowing inbox of your users.

Join Sarah McCredie, email expert and director of partnerships at Campaign Monitor along with Mike Norland, head of global small business marketing at AdRoll as they reveal strategies that will get your customers to not just read your emails, but take action.

Join us for our webinar on: April 28th 11 AM PST

You will learn:

  • New headline strategies to get your emails opened
  • How to persuade customers to take action once they click
  • A/B testing to ensure your sends work
  • Live Q&A with Sarah and Mike on email retargeting, emojis, marketing and more.

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