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Top Three AdRoll Value Adds



Custom reporting

We can access the interface, look into how campaigns are performing and really understand what is happening with our clients. There’s a lot of transparency with AdRoll.

—Daniel Augustine
Digital Performance Manager, iProspect

Working together to deliver strong results

iProspect manage clients who value performance. They want great results and transparent reporting available 24/7.

Delivering a true agency partnership

iProspect values the partnership that they have with AdRoll and meet on a weekly basis with their account manager to run through objectives and campaign results.

“It’s much more of a mutual relationship,” said Daniel Augustine, account director at iProspect. “Our account manager focuses on our performance and delivering great results. This has led to bringing on new AdRoll products.”


Transparency and performance

iProspect aims to give its customers an advantage through outstanding campaign performance and granular reporting. Being able to access the AdRoll dashboard anywhere, anytime helps iProspect keep up their campaigns on track.

“AdRoll gives us transparency into how our campaigns are performing.” said Augustine,“ Although we can access the dashboard, we also receive weekly reports from the account management team which are exactly what our clients need.”

About iProspect

iProspect make digital marketing human by bringing everything together, creating the connections brands need to stay ahead and giving businesses a tangible advantage in today's world.

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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