CRM data onboarding

Don’t rely on just emails to connect with high-intent customers. Think outside the inbox. Retarget your email customers with ads across the web to amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Re-engaging dormant customers

Past customers make the best return customers, so re-engage them with retargeted ads featuring new products and deals. A customer saved is a customer earned.

Advanced segmentation

Apply your segments once and act on them everywhere across the web and Facebook. Make better impressions by delivering relevant ads based on age, gender, spending profile, etc.

Go online with offline data

Connect the dots between your offline customer data and your retargeted online display ads to design more complete campaigns and engage more customers.

How does CRM data onboarding work?

  • CRM email database

    1. Users provide you their email through purchase, website sign-up, newsletter subscription, etc.

  • crm matching

    2. You provide AdRoll emails that are then matched to the respective online user

  • how crm retargeting works

    3. Later, while online on any device, they are targeted with your ads

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