AdRoll for media and entertainment

Whether you’re promoting sports, entertainment, or charities, advertise events and drive ticket sales with AdRoll.


Flexible campaigns

Easily start, stop, and update your campaigns to keep up with your calendar of events.

Diverse devices

Reach customers with cohesive campaigns across the web as they hop from phone to tablet to desktop.

New fans

Home in on new, high-value audiences by using AdRoll Prospecting to find people online who are similar to your existing customers.

For years, all of our events have consistently relied on AdRoll as part of the marketing mix. Our AdRoll campaigns show highly targeted ads to help us sell our events each year.”

—Stephanie Loring

Brand and Digital Marketing Director, Red Frog Events

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AdRoll’s algorithm is at the head of the pack. Similar engines didn’t perform to our expectations. Our clickthrough rates are exceeding our initial expectations and driving quality new visitors, which in turn helps our retargeting.”

—Jim Holland

Jim Holland, Director of Marketing, PlayOn

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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