Win more customers with AdRoll Retargeting.

Bring people back to your website by serving personalised ads across devices, the web, and social media.


How AdRoll Retargeting Works

Someone visits your site but leaves without completing your desired action (purchase, signup, etc.).

Later, while on any device, they get targeted with your ad.

Their interest is recaptured, and they return to your site to complete your desired action.

How AdRoll Retargeting is Unique

One platform, maximum reach

Reach customers across devices with access to 500+ ad exchanges, including Facebook and Google.

Easy-to-use dashboard

The AdRoll dashboard makes it convenient to launch ads, fine-tune campaigns, and track performance.

Powerful technology

Our BidIQ™ algorithm helps make sure you don’t miss out on customers or overpay for ad space.

Excellent customer support

We’ve got experts on hand 24/7; from campaign setup to strategic advice, we’ve got you covered.

Expert retargeting

We’ve worked with over 35,000 advertisers globally and have retargeting down to a literal science.

Full-Funnel marketing

AdRoll Prospecting and AdRoll Retargeting work in tandem as a complete marketing solution to attract and convert more customers.

Case Studies


“Retargeting with AdRoll ranks as one of the top five most effective marketing channels in our program.”

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“Preferred sees 13.4x ROI and cross-device campaigns”

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“How Clinique saw 8.5x ROI and a 265% lift on sales”

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