Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does retargeting cost?

Visit our Pricing Page for more information.

2. What is retargeting?

The most common use for retargeting is bringing window shoppers back to your site so they can make or complete a purchase. Retargeting allows you to customise which ads you serve to people based on the way they’ve interacted with your website. Past site visitors will see ads specifically selected for their interests when they navigate to their favourite blog, news site, or social network on desktop and mobile.

3. How does retargeting work?

You copy a snippet of JavaScript code called a “SmartPixel” into the footer of your website. The SmartPixel lets AdRoll track anonymous visitor data, such as which pages a user visited and how long they spent on the site. You use that data to create customer segments—for example, targeting all site visitors who came to a product page—and display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites.

4. What services do you offer?

AdRoll offers a fully functional self-serve dashboard that puts the latest retargeting technology at your fingertips. Our dedicated support team will help you run static or dynamic personalised ads on the web, mobile, Facebook, and Twitter, and our team of platform specialists are happy to help with any questions. To learn more, contact us, visit the Support Centre, or check out our product pages.

5. How does invoicing work?

AdRoll's invoicing system works on an up-front, weekly basis. When your campaign is approved, we charge your card for the campaign's specified weekly budget to make sure you have the credit you need to fund that week's ads. Over the course of the week, charges accrue for delivered impressions, and that amount is deducted from the prepaid balance on your account. Then, at the start of the next invoicing week, we simply charge you the amount needed to replenish your account balance.

If you’d prefer an invoice payment flow, just let your account manager know.

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