GUIDE, 16 Pages
Published: Jun 2015

High-Performance Retargeting: Strategies for the Modern Marketer (EMEA)

Retargeting gives marketers the best-possible return on investment by delivering customised advertising—in the right way, at the right time—to predefined audience segments. Savvy marketers can get even more out of retargeting by using it to generate revenue and gain actionable insight into their customers’ interests and intent.

To create this guide to the most-effective strategies for performance marketers, we investigated the practises of industry leaders, surveyed marketers across Europe, and examined the patterns of high-performing AdRoll clients.

Report Highlights:

  • Why adding customer relationship management (CRM) can re-engage audiences for retention, cross-sell, and upsell
  • Which best practises for social media campaigns can encourage organic reach and customer engagement
  • How to bridge web and mobile to reach a growing population of multidevice consumers
  • How to transform an entire product catalogue into personalised, on-brand ads