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Products Used: AdRoll Prospecting, AdRoll Retargeting


lower retargeting cost per acquisition (CPA) than goal


lower blended* cost per acquisition (CPA) than goal

One of the biggest challenges we face with our gaming clients is being able to deliver performance at scale. While retargeting is effective at driving conversions lower in the funnel, we needed a solution that would also allow us to attract new gamers while keeping our overall acquisition costs below goal. Using AdRoll Retargeting and Prospecting, we were able to effectively scale our campaigns and achieve an overall CPA well below our initial goal.

—Zach Smith
Associate Media Director of Digital

Gaming Campaigns and Beating the Competition

Tangible Media was considering several digital advertising partners to help them with a large campaign for a new online game, Blade & Soul. Its lean marketing team not only wanted effective full-funnel solutions for their gaming clients, they were also looking for a frictionless marketing partner whom they could trust with their needs.


Retargeting FTW!

With their large Blade & Soul campaign in the works, Tangible Media needed to partner with a vendor they could trust to deliver on three criteria: robust scale to support large campaigns, conversion tracking, and dependable customer service.

“With other demand side partners, we don't always receive clear explanations when our campaigns see drastic fluctuations in spend or performance,” said Zach Smith, Associate Media Director at Tangible Media. “Often times, we've been told to give it a couple days to let the numbers normalize. In most cases, a week will pass and we still haven’t received a good explanation. With AdRoll, our account managers proactively surface insights, allowing us to make intelligent optimizations."

AdRoll’s customer service and reliable account management ensured that Tangible put NC Soft’s advertising dollars to good use. After settling on a strategy, Tangible Media was able to effectively track conversions and order values and found that AdRoll outperformed other partners with a CPA 80-87% lower than their goal.

“As we were whittling down the number of partners we were working with, we concluded that AdRoll was the star in terms of performance.” Smith said. “With their ability to scale our campaigns and over deliver on our conversion goals, we decided that AdRoll would be a centerpiece partner that we could build a successful campaign around.”

Pwning with Prospecting

With retargeting exceeding expectations, Tangible wanted to expand their campaigns to attract new audiences to Blade & Soul. Tangible was using a large prospecting partner for awhile but wanted to consolidate to just one partner for prospecting and retargeting.

“We’re a boutique media agency, so we really need partners we can trust,” Smith explained. “We have to be so reactive to the requests that come that we need to have partners readily available who we trust and who we know offer quality inventory.”

By running prospecting and retargeting on the same platform, Tangible was able to better understand and report on the full customer journey, from a user’s first site visit to conversion. This allowed them to increase overall conversions while achieving a blended CPA 70-80% lower than their initial goal.

“The most notable takeaway is that our prospecting CPA was really close to our CPA, which is very impressive,” said Smith.

Tangible is now looking to expand their efforts with AdRoll Prospecting. “We have other media partners in-house that are able to meet our CPA goals but aren’t able to scale at the same time,” said Tangible Media's Executive Vice President, Phyllis Starsia. “With AdRoll's partnership, we're confident we'll be able to continue driving results for our gaming clients.”

About Tangible Media

Tangible has engineered media campaigns for over 100 new products, targeting kids, teens, young adults and moms. They are a full-service agency specializing in Entertainment, CPG and Retail.

*combining both prospecting and retargeting

AdRoll ist die meistgenutzte Plattform für Neukundengewinnung und Retargeting.

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