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Products Used: AdRoll Prospecting, AdRoll Retargeting


Prospecting CPC


lower blended CPA* than goal


blended ROI*

AdRoll has helped us generate far more revenue and reactivated a lot of our existing casino player base.

—Sam Miranda
Chief Marketing Officer, RightCasino

A Full-Funnel Jackpot

RightCasino came to AdRoll looking for a marketing partner who could seamlessly hit CPA targets and increase the lifetime value of their customers.

Cashing In on Retargeting

For a year, RightCasino had been looking to optimise and grow their digital offering. The problem was they were spending a lot of money trying to attract users to their site, without maximising their first-party data.

After learning about AdRoll at a large London iGaming event, they decided to roll the dice with AdRoll Retargeting.

From the start, the RightCasino team found it easy to work with AdRoll. The AdRoll account managers clearly understood the challenges facing the online gaming industry; they were quickly able to capitalise on RightCasino’s first-party data to hit their specific marketing goals.

“As we analyse performance, one of our key metrics is lifetime value, and AdRoll has continuously delivered on this key performance indicator,” said Sam Miranda, Chief Marketing Officer of RightCasino.

A New Audience Bonus

Once their retargeting campaigns were successfully set up, RightCasino wanted to focus on attracting new audiences who had never been to their site. In a way that RightCasino couldn’t with other platforms, AdRoll Prospecting automated new customer acquisition by targeting digital profiles similar to those of their existing customers.

“AdRoll Prospecting had an immediate impact on our business,” states Miranda. “We saw very low CPCs and a 25% increase in first time deposits to casinos.”

AdRoll is now a central part of their full-funnel marketing strategy for 2017. Based on their successes, RightCasino is also considering AdRoll’s third-party integrations to help leverage their data even more accurately.

About RightCasino

RightCasino is one of the largest online casino comparison websites in the United Kingdom, helping players find their perfect casino website as quickly and simply as possible.

*prospecting and retargeting combined

AdRoll ist die meistgenutzte Plattform für Neukundengewinnung und Retargeting.

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