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How Smart Agencies Boost Their Clients' ROI

Giulianno Lopez

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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CMOs are under more pressure than ever to deliver measurable ROI—or risk losing budgets. Gartner found that marketing budgets slipped from 12% of company revenue to 11.3% of company revenue from 2016 to 2017, largely because CMOs need to better justify their spending and show actual ROI.

When those priorities get passed along to their agencies, it adds even more challenges to an already difficult job. Today’s ambitious agencies are doing more work than ever before, crafting digital marketing strategies and creating award-winning campaigns. But often they also struggle to show their return on investment for clients. While many brands don’t flinch when it comes to spending money to grow, they want to know their dollars are being spent wisely. Agencies that struggle to show ROI risk losing clients.

Additionally, over half of companies now rely on an in-house marketing team. When they look for an agency, they're looking for a partner that they can trust to increase their reach and drive bottom-line results.

Smart agencies—over 850 of them—rely on AdRoll to boost their clients’ ROI and drive their agency growth. They use the AdRoll Growth Platform to show clients how their campaigns are impacting revenue growth, with the hard numbers to match. Here’s how these smart agencies are getting real results for their clients:

Consolidating Clients and Campaigns in One Dashboard

To save time, agencies need a single place to manage clients and multichannel campaigns. AdRoll provides a dashboard that lets you keep track of important key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjust ad spend accordingly. When Cherry Media started using AdRoll for its clients, it achieved a 300% ROI on its first campaign. Cherry Media is able to move faster and be more proactive with its client campaigns.

Providing Transparency to Clients

Your clients want access to as much data as possible – not just to check up on you, but also to adjust their own tactics and strategies to make the most of your relationship. AdRoll lets agencies grant access to clients so they can see how much they’re spending on campaigns, as well as the impact these campaigns are having on their business.

For AdType, it made it easy to demonstrate their value to clients. The agency was able to sit down with their clients and show them where their marketing dollars were going—and how those marketing dollars contributed to their bottom line.

Creating Real Results for Clients

As a result of using AdRoll to monitor and manage digital advertising campaigns, AdRoll’s agency clients have collectively made $246 billion in commerce sales and achieved 489% ROAS (return on advertising spend). These ambitious agencies have built stronger client relationships – and grown their agencies by providing the results and transparency that clients expect. They’ve become extensions of their clients’ in-house teams.

AdRoll includes everything ambitious agencies need to stay successful: analytics, a centralized place to manage clients and multichannel campaigns, insight into critical KPIs, and advanced audience segmentation tools to ensure clients’ ads are reaching the right people at the right time. Your clients get more traffic, more sales, and more meaningful connections with their customers, while you get the tools you need to help them—and grow your agency.

Find out more about what AdRoll can do to maximize ROAS for your clients and cultivate your own agency growth. Click here for more information.

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