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AdRoll Group Rebrands to NextRoll: What that Means for AdRoll

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You may have heard that AdRoll Group has rebranded as NextRoll. You may have even noticed the snazzy new logo adorning the top left of our site. You may be wondering, “What’s in a name? Why rebrand at all?”

I’m glad you asked.

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically since we were founded in 2006. Technology has moved forward, channels have multiplied 50x, and tools have fragmented. Consumers now have millions of ways to find and engage with brands, adding complexity to an already complex system. In the face of this complexity, we realized that we help our customers do so much more than what we started doing. NextRoll is our bold declaration that the ‘Roll team is extending its marketing and data technology beyond advertising and empowering businesses to achieve more.

RollWorks, AdRoll’s sister brand, is an account-based marketing solution for ambitious B2B companies enabling high-performing sales and marketing teams to better grow revenue. We will continue to provide best-in-class account-based marketing solutions and will continue to help customers redefine the way they manage and measure complex account-based marketing campaigns.

As part of this landscape shift, AdRoll is evolving too — we are still very much committed to building the best, most powerful e-commerce marketing platform for direct to consumer brands that #daretogrow. It’s still the best place to manage your marketing initiatives across channels, and still the best way to drive sales with omnichannel insights.

AdRoll’s E-Commerce Marketing Platform has big ambitions of its own! For more than a decade, AdRoll has been committed to leveling the playing field for ambitious, D2C brands and marketers — before D2C was called D2C — and over the years our platform has evolved to unify customer data, marketing channels, and measurement in one platform. Our most recent application was our Brand Awareness solution that helps D2C marketers build better relationships with customers across their entire journey, while maintaining brand integrity. Over the years we’ve introduced personalized email and onsite as well as independent cross channel measurement…and much more.

Now, we have something born from AdRoll’s innovations. NextRoll is a new umbrella to hold AdRoll and RollWorks and all the great applications and services they encompass. NextRoll will also be home to a new division we are extremely proud to launch: NextRoll Platform Services. NextRoll Platform Services gives our customers the tools to build new products, create new services, and disrupt new industries, powered by AdRoll’s data and technology.

As a marketing-technology-as-a-service offering, it will help companies break through the siloing that we’ve seen in internal marketing stacks and closed-system providers. We hope to give them the power to access new audiences, channels, and tools, without forcing them to give up long-running relationships and commitments.

The first major services offered on NextRoll Platform Services will be Channels-as-a-Service and Audiences-as-a-Service. The former will allow marketers to quickly expand into new opportunities to reach customers on demand. We have been busy integrating over 20 publishers and exchanges, giving users access to a tremendous amount of high-quality inventory across display, social, native, email, video, and more. Channels-as-a-Service gives companies the tools they need to engage the right person at the right time on any channel.

Audiences-as-a-Service gives companies and platforms access to millions of person-based records containing over 500 million identities, and the technology to combine and unify these data points with internal records for a whole new level of insight. Companies will be able to use our data and AI-powered techniques to access new and old audiences and engage them as never before. They can create dynamic segments with enriched data and activate them in real-time, or build premium market segments to sell to their own customers. And they will be able to do so from a unified interface that simplifies without removing resolution.

By releasing these tools, and changing the name, we have made the choice to move forward, beyond just ads, to tackle whatever obstacles digital marketers face next. More than anything, though, we are excited to see how brands, publishers, exchanges, and agencies leverage these tools to build the next big thing that accelerates consumer marketing efforts. We hope you join us as we roll forward, past ads, and into a new era: growth marketing.

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