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Abandoned Cart Recovery: The Best Shopify Apps

Nicholas Bennett

Lifecycle Marketing Associate @ AdRoll

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A Review of Top Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

A high percentage of customers leave your Shopify e-commerce store without making a purchase. They have added items to their cart, but they don't make it through the checkout process for various reasons. These are high intent customers, so how do you win them back? Fortunately, there are different strategies and tools you can use to effectively win-back some of these Shopify abandoned carts and increase your sales. For Shopify businesses, this process is streamlined with various Shopify abandoned cart recovery apps that help you track, analyze, and target these specific customers.

If you are looking to reduce abandoned carts, check out these five best Shopify abandoned cart apps.

For more on how to create an abandoned cart recovery campaign: 

1. PushOwl Web Push Notification by PushOwl

PushOwl Web Push Notification is one of the best Shopify push notification apps available. It is free to install with additional purchases available throughout. According to PushOwl, your brand will get 5x more visibility than email by using push notifications sent straight to your customers. 


With a focus on "push notifications," you do not have to search for email addresses or phone numbers to reach your audience. PushOwl features a sequence of automatic push notifications to reach cart abandoners via their web browser and bring them straight back to their cart. This sequence is customizable, so you can add additional content and brand the notifications as needed. 

Utilize the PushOwl Web Push Notification app for automated cart abandonment protector via push notifications to increase sales. It is perfect for BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) and other push notification marketing campaigns and integrations. Its advanced capabilities include segmentation, data collection and reporting, and optimization for various campaigns. 

2. AdRoll Marketing Platform by AdRoll

AdRoll is a leader in retargeting advertising in the Shopify app store. AdRoll has expanded their solutions to further engage customers across many channels by adding email marketing, a dynamic product recommendation carousel, and cross-channel attribution functionalities. Its free plan offers almost all the features in the platform, including 5,000 email sends. The Shopify integration is AdRoll's most powerful integration, where they leverage your store's data to power your campaigns. 


Other apps focus only on one channel limiting your data and engagement with your customers. The AdRoll Marketing Platform enables you to incorporate email, retargeting ads, and personalization into your abandoned cart recovery strategy, helping you reach more shoppers with just one tool. 

Hundreds of professionally designed email templates are included in its email tool. If you can't find one that fits your style out-of-box, you can make changes to any existing template or customize away with AdRoll's email builderCross-channel attribution is also included in its free plan. Get a more in-depth look into AdRoll's impact, and uncover opportunities to optimize conversion paths across audience segments, geographies, devices, and tactics.

3. Recart FB Messenger Marketing by Recart

Recart FB Messenger Marketing app is one of the most popular Shopify Facebook Messenger apps. By capitalizing on Facebook Messenger to reach your shopping cart abandoners, Recart directly communicates with your target shoppers with abandoned carts customers via Facebook Messenger rather than email. Facebook is one of the most critical channels for Shopify stores to engage with. 


Its integration with other pop-up apps allows you to get opt-ins from shoppers easily. Its unique Messenger Flows feature will enable you to design and automate your dialogs with your shoppers in Messenger. In addition to abandoned cart reminder messages, Recart helps you better engage with your shoppers through product reviews, order receipts, shipping notifications, and welcome messages. Add value to your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign and effectively engage with your shoppers with abandoned carts with Recart. 

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery by Marsello

The Abandoned Cart Recovery app by Marsello provides a variety of tools and strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment. It is one of a few Shopify apps that was explicitly built for abandoned cart recovery. From abandoned cart emails to Facebook Messenger reminders to pop-up notifications, this app has the tools you need to prevent and save abandoned carts effectively. 


The price is worth it for this Shopify abandoned cart app, especially if you are looking for various proven strategies. Abandoned Cart Recovery is simple to use. It includes pre-built templates that utilize best practices and customizable features to personalize messages to be brand specific. These messaging series are automatic and drive cart abandoners back to your Shopify store. One of the highlights of this Shopify abandoned cart recovery app is its ability to remember carts across devices, so customers do not have to search multiple times to find the items they are looking for, effectively decreasing abandoned carts altogether. 

5. Abandoned Cart Recovery Email by Cart Care

Abandoned Cart Recovery Email by Cart Care is a simple, straightforward, and easy way to use Shopify abandoned cart recovery app. This app utilizes email and push notifications to target cart abandoners and bring them back to your site to complete their purchase. This app helps you capture the attention of your customers by gamifying their experience. 


The Abandoned Cart Recovery Email app starts working right away to track all your abandoned carts and send automatic emails and web push notifications to entice your customers. With its unique Spin Wheel feature, your customers have an interactive experience while winning a discount, further encouraging them to make a purchase. 

This app tracks carts, captures email addresses, restores persistent carts across devices for customers, and sends automated push notifications, reminders, and emails that result in less abandoned carts and more sales. 

For more on how to set up cart abandonment emails:

Find the Right Shopify Abandoned Cart App for You

Now is the time to invest in your Shopify store by reducing your cart abandonment rates to increase sales. With a variety of relevant Shopify apps to choose from and free trials available, you can discover which Shopify abandoned cart recovery app provides you with the results you are looking for.

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