The 4 Pillars of E-Commerce Marketing: A Guide to Supercharging Your Digital Brand With AdRoll

Not only is growing and building a brand increasingly complicated, but marketers are expected to master more tools and tasks than ever before. We're up against siloed channels, bloated tech stacks, channel overload, and analysis paralysis, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Brands and marketers who win in this complex and challenging digital marketing landscape will find ways to cultivate relationships with customers with the right messages, at the right times, and in all of the right places. They'll operate with a lean tech stack that integrates seamlessly and offers data and actionable insights that empower ambitious marketers to outpace the competition. They'll have a window into customers' paths to purchase and have ways to identify and reach those customers and others like them.

In short: brands and marketers who want to win will do more, do it better, and reach goals faster. The good news? You're not in it alone. The AdRoll platform was built with these challenges (and more) in mind.

Download our eBook to explore how you can supercharge your digital brand with AdRoll by adhering to our four key pillars of ecommerce marketing. Together, they're a sure-fire way to engage your customers, reach your goals, and impress your boss in the process:

  • Declutter your data
    • Tips on how to experiment with AdRoll's attribution dashboard to find your brand's right attribution model
    • An in-depth look at how to use AdRoll's cross-channel attribution feature to get a holistic view of 40+ marketing channels
  • Build your brand
    • Tactics to target your audience through AdRoll's AI technology
    • Brand awareness strategies to drive high-quality new users to your website
    • How to create and measure brand awareness campaigns with video, display native, and social ads
  • Turn visitors into customers
    • How to find the ad types that work best for your brand
    • Ways to leverage AI-powered recommendations and retargeting to win back cart abandoners
  • Grow customer loyalty
    • How to use AdRoll's retargeting and email features to create personalized online store shopping experiences