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Sunski: Success With Rebranding Campaign

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Rich Krolikowski is the E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Sunski, a San Francisco brand producing lightweight, polarized sunglasses from recycled plastic.

In his first five months at the company, he was asked to create a digital marketing strategy and knew he needed the best tools which were retargeting and prospecting. He tells his #DareToGrow story highlighting how he delivered his first major marketing campaign for the brand.

Beefing Up Sunski’s Marketing Efforts

This past spring, Sunski was in the midst of a company rebrand. We shifted our original marketing stance to a digital strategy to capture the most online sales as possible since June is our busiest season.

The go-to-market strategy my boss requested had to hit all digital touchpoints for new, existing, and old customers. It was an opportunity to quickly make an impact at the company and showcase my digital marketing acumen. The challenge was exciting and a little scary.

After my boss laid out the game plan and how crucial it was to the success of the rebrand, I felt pretty unprepared. However, I knew that with the team and solutions we had in place, we’d crush our goals.

We needed to figure out how to speak to multiple audiences in our sales funnel. This meant focusing on the top of the funnel for our prospecting audiences, the middle of the funnel for our retargeting efforts, and bottom of the funnel for our existing customers.

I also had to figure out how to position our rebrand to create something that would excite and grow our customer base.

Partnering With AdRoll

After days of thought and planning, I knew that I needed outside support for this project. AdRoll was naturally the perfect partner. I was able to utilize their arsenal of tools to communicate with people at different phases of the funnel based on engagement, activity on our site, or across the web. With AdRoll, I could visualize how the funnel looked and how to position our messaging at different phases.

Once the framework for our strategy was in place, I applied it to our other strategies across Facebook, Google, and Amazon. I’d use it as a benchmark for how we approached our audiences across all digital marketing touchpoints. AdRoll gave me confidence and assured me that we were in this together, every step along the way.

The Outcome

The rebrand launch went smoothly. It felt fantastic to see the project completed without any hiccups, with everything falling perfectly into place. The content and the creative that our team put together knocked it out of the park. The strategy was solid—helping make our retargeting approach and conversion rate the most successful part of the campaign.

I got a ton of Slack messages from colleagues after they would spot an ad on top sites, like The New York Times—everyone was super stoked to see the Sunski brand everywhere online. It made me feel really proud of the work that we put in behind the scenes.

Lessons Learned

I learned to listen to and really trust my intuition. When I started this project, I didn’t know how important it was to be able to truly count on your data, your gut, and partners like AdRoll. Your instincts will be your North Star and they'll get you where you need to be. And luckily, in a digital world, you can iterate quickly and make decisions at the drop of a hat.

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