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Email Marketing Software for E-Commerce: The Top 6

Wilson Lau

Sr. SEO Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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As an e-commerce business, email marketing is your key to success. With a consistent, customized email marketing campaign, you will increase your sales and receive a high return on your investment (ROI)

When it comes to the e-commerce email marketing software that will best help you accomplish your business goals, you have a few options to choose from. Each with their own unique set of capabilities and characteristics, here are the top six email marketing applications for e-commerce brands today 


AdRoll offers turnkey email marketing solutions for e-commerce brands of all sizes. If you are looking to launch a clean and clearcut email marketing strategy for your e-commerce brand, AdRoll can help you build aesthetically-pleasing, highly optimized emails that drive sales. 

AdRoll offers professionally built email templates that have been tested and optimized with email marketing best practices. This means you can customize the emails to mimic your brand with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, and AdRoll will take care of the rest. 

With its integration to Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, AdRoll allows you to create audience segments based on purchase histories and other e-commerce-related attributions. You can set up an automated email series reaching the right audience at the right time, such as right after purchasing or abandoning shopping carts. And to ensure your emails are doing what they're supposed to, AdRoll includes tracking and analytics so you can see what is working and improve your campaigns as you go. 

You can get started with AdRoll's e-commerce email marketing software for free. And with the most reasonably priced packages, you can access advanced features within your budget. 


AWeber is one of the top e-commerce email marketing software systems for small companies looking to grow their business through email marketing. With a "free" package available, AWeber tailors their pricing, services, and features to meet small e-commerce businesses' unique needs. 

AWeber does all the heavy lifting for you, offering an AI-powered design assistant that automatically creates branded email templates in the optimal format for conversions. Even more, their drag-and-drop capabilities and library of pre-built email templates make it easy to launch a successful email marketing campaign in minutes.

For small businesses that are less familiar with email marketing best practices and strategies, AWeber's 24/7 support team offers the guidance you need to get started for free today. And as your business grows, AWeber offers "Pro" packages that grow with you!  

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is geared towards larger e-commerce businesses and offers various advanced capabilities to manage and segment large email lists easily. With features tied directly to e-commerce success, Constant Contact has many ways to connect with your customers through email marketing. 

Constant Contact showcases multiple email marketing templates that are easy to customize to your brand specifics with their drag-and-drop editor. With email marketing automation, you can create automated campaigns for new subscribers, a trigger email series based on customer behavior, and resend emails to non-openers and create segmented lists quickly and effortlessly. 

For e-commerce businesses looking to create and send a variety of email campaigns that nurture users and increase sales, Constant Contact helps you stay relevant and connected with your target audience. With two pricing packages available, you can choose the email marketing solution that fits your budget. 


ActiveCampaign is tailored to small businesses and enterprises and seeks to help brands improve their customers' overall brand experience through email marketing. ActiveCampaign offers various email marketing tools to help you reach and engage your target audience, nurture, and educate them on your brand, convert leads, and close sales. 

ActiveCampaign can support your customer with email marketing tools such as site tracking, segmentation, automation, and testing. Specific email campaigns that are beneficial for e-commerce businesses, such as abandoned cart email campaigns, can be set up for automatic distribution as another way to increase sales. 

ActiveCampaign is passionate about helping you improve your customer experience, which is why they offer the highest-quality customer support for their users. Plus, with four pricing tiers, they offer email marketing solutions for all budgets.


Drip is an e-commerce email marketing software specifically designed to meet the unique needs of e-commerce businesses, both large and small. Passionate about what they call "e-commerce rebellion," Drip makes it possible for companies to compete with large brands (think Amazon) by offering the same email automation tools they use at a price e-commerce companies can afford. 

Drip offers email marketing solutions and provides recommendations to help grow your business and increase sales. With powerful automation, segmentation, and personalization capabilities, you can target your audience with the right message at the right time. 

With seamless integration and authentication capabilities, Drip is versatile and leveraged to meet your specific e-commerce business needs. The best part? You can sign up for a free demo with a Drip team member and try Drip for free for 14 days to make sure it is worth the investment. After that, their pricing structure is based on your email list size, so the price doesn't increase until your email list does. 


Omnisend clearly states that they are explicitly designed to help e-commerce businesses create successful email marketing campaigns that work. If you're looking to increase sales and customer retention, Omnisend offers the capabilities you need to do just that. 

Omnisend is easy to use and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. With automated workflows, customizable email templates, and drag-and-drop editors, Omnisend saves you time and effort. You can also easily segment your customers to target the right ones with the right message at the right time. 

With extensive testing, tracking, and reporting features, you can dial-in your email marketing campaigns and make necessary changes to ensure the highest optimization. While some of these features are reserved for the packages with a higher price point, you can start with Omnisend for free today. 

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