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AdRoll Becomes a Shopify Plus Partner

Lindsay Martinez

Sr. Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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SAN FRANCISCO – October 13, 2021 – AdRoll, a leading marketing automation platform for growing ecommerce brands, has announced it has expanded its partnership to become a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner. Shopify Plus supports both hyper-growth and long-standing large ecommerce Shopify merchants by helping them find the apps and solutions they need to build and scale their business. Today, AdRoll became the first certified app to provide merchants with advertising technology solutions.

By integrating AdRoll with their Shopify stores, merchants have access to all of AdRoll’s robust ads, measurement, and email offerings, creating an overall better experience for consumers and stronger results for merchants, including an average 15x return on ad spend (ROAS). Lounge Underwear, a Shopify Plus store for comfortable underwear, has been using the integration since 2018 and has seen its cost per acquisition (CPA) improve by 25% year over year.

“The AdRoll app for Shopify Plus integrated incredibly easily and efficiently for us — what can take weeks or even months for developers to implement took just minutes,” said Hannah Lewis, who leads paid media as the Head of PPC and Affiliates at Lounge Underwear. “Being able to jump-start right away was imperative to our international growth. We were able to launch full-funnel marketing campaigns in new territories in a matter of weeks. The integration is brilliant.”

In addition to AdRoll’s ecommerce platform capabilities, qualified Shopify Plus merchants will get advanced features. These include a dedicated account manager to help marketers maximize their Shopify integration; regular strategy sessions; metric reviews to deep analysis and actionable insights from AdRoll’s Customer Insights and Analytics team; and education and guidance for future-proofing around industry changes. Shopify Plus customers will also have access to AdRoll’s team of expert designers to produce custom campaign ads in line with merchants’ brand guidelines.

As a Shopify Plus Partner, AdRoll will be able to build upon its rich dataset, accessing store data from integrated merchants to help fuel better targeting, measurement, and performance for hyper-growth companies. In addition, it allows AdRoll to ingest merchants’ product feeds to personalize creative for each user and track marketing events on the store to help power our Cross Channel Performance Dashboard.

“Shopify is a perfect partner for AdRoll’s ads, email and measurement capabilities. Our offerings are better together, and expanding our relationship with Shopify makes both platforms more equipped to drive growth for ecommerce customers and merchants,” said Lizzie Chapman, Vice President of Technology Partnerships & Channels at AdRoll. “We’re excited to continue to deepen our work together and expand our access to even more Shopify merchants beyond SMB.”

“The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest-growing brands,” said Mark Bergen, Vice President of Revenue, Shopify. “We’re happy to welcome AdRoll to the program, bringing their insight and experience to the Plus merchant community.”

For more information on setting up and maximizing campaigns on Shopify, get in touch with one of our marketing specialists. To connect your Shopify store with AdRoll’s platform today, visit AdRoll’s Shopify App Store page.

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