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AdRoll Launches New Rewards Program for Shopify-Powered Brands

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Since 2015, Shopify and AdRoll have partnered to build solutions to benefit our mutual customers. Some key outcomes have been things like early access to new AdRoll products and the creation of features that are specifically developed for Shopify merchants. 

With the tough economic climate and increasingly competitive environment for ecommerce brands, we wanted to help merchants in a new way — one that has a direct and immediate impact on their stores’ bottom line.

With that goal in mind, today we announce the launch of the AdRoll Rewards Program, available for Shopify merchants. This new program allows our Shopify-connected customers to increase their ad spend, without increasing their ad cost.

The Program

It’s delightfully simple. Shopify merchants sign up for AdRoll using our Shopify integration, run any web advertising campaigns (display or native ads), and then earn 10% back on their ad spend in the form of ad credits. When creating their AdRoll account, merchants become members of the program automatically — making enrollment literally effortless.

With AdRoll, Shopify merchants can easily launch and manage display and native ads, social media ads, and email campaigns from a single platform. As members of this new program, they can now also stretch their marketing dollars even further to reach new audiences and improve their ROAS.

Making the Most of Free Ad Credits

Throughout the year, merchants and marketers can modify their strategy of how they use their ad credits based on what makes sense for their store.

During the busier shopping seasons (and when CPMs are at their highest), free ad credits can help merchants further invest in their best performing campaigns, whether that be abandoned cart, retargeting or any other web campaign.

In the off-season, we encourage merchants to go ahead and take a chance and use the ad credits to test out new campaigns or ad creative that they haven’t yet explored.

In the end, the choice is in the hands of the Shopify merchants, and they have the freedom to decide the best use of their newly expanded ad budget. AdRoll can provide the tools and guidance to help them make those decisions.

How It Works

Member Eligibility

New AdRoll Customers

New customers will begin accruing ad credits on November 1, 2022 or whenever they begin using our free Shopify integration (whichever is later).

Existing AdRoll Customers

Any customer that signed up for AdRoll between April 1, 2022 and November 1, 2022 that uses our free Shopify integration is automatically enrolled in the rewards program starting November 1, 2022.

Duration of Membership

Sign up for the AdRoll Marketing and Ads+ package and enjoy membership in the AdRoll Rewards Program indefinitely. Eligible customers on our Starter, Growth, or Ads package will have access to the program for one year.

Qualifying Spend

Any advertising dollars that are spent on web advertising (native and/or display ads) will receive 10% ad credit on a rolling basis. There is no spend minimum or maximum for the ad credit.

Come Join Us

Let AdRoll help you find new ways to engage existing customers, attract new customers, and grow revenue — now with the added benefit of free ad credits!

Sign up with AdRoll’s Shopify app listing.

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