Make shopping personal with with AI-driven product recommendations

You spend a ton of time and money bringing visitors to your website. AdRoll’s AI-driven product recommendations help make sure they don’t leave empty handed, by surfacing relevant products, faster, based on visitor behavior on your website and across the web.

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Connect customers with content they’ll love to increase conversions

Use AdRoll’s AI-driven product recommendations to create personalized cross-channel experiences that convert, using dynamic ad and email that updates itself. Customize product recommendations to display previously viewed or recommended products to stay top-of-mind throughout the customer journey.

Encourage engagement with top products

Provide social proof by showcasing top clicked and top viewed products. Understanding what your biggest fans love about your brand helps others find their way to your best products.

Remind them what they loved to rapidly reengage

90% of purchases occur within the first 12 days after visiting a website. AdRoll saves 30 days of visitors’ viewed products, and feeds that information into AI-driven product recommendations that capture those on-the-fence customers by making it easier for them to find these products again and again.

Increase average order value (AOV)

AdRoll helps expand their minds and their wallets by helping customers find new products with personalized product recommendations. We use data from every site visitor to dynamically drive discovery of new products in which they might be interested.

Experience evergreen content, automatically

AdRoll makes getting started with cross-channel product recommendations a breeze. We help you set up your product feed to fuel your dynamic product recommendations—no development work required. Then, simply customize how the content created with dynamic product recommendations appears—across dynamic ads and email to support your brand and match your designs.

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