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Pinterest Ads 101: A Checklist for Your First Campaign

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

Your Facebook and Google ads are chugging along smoothly. Now it’s time to get started on a platform with some of the lowest cost-per-clicks (CPCs) you can find: Pinterest. 

Don’t write off Pinterest as just a place for DIYers and home chefs — Pinterest shoppers are highly engaged.

Here’s everything you need to know about paid ads on Pinterest, plus a checklist for your first campaign. 

The Ultimate Pinterest Ads Checklist

✅ Create a Pinterest Business account. 

✅ Set up your profile and connect it to your ecommerce store. 

Upload your product catalog

✅ Make sure your Pinterest tag is set up correctly. 

✅ Determine your Pinterest ad objective

  • Brand awareness, video views, consideration, conversions, or catalog sales

✅ Choose your Pinterest ad type

  • Idea Pin: Short video segments or a series of <20 graphics, similar to Instagram Stories

  • Try On Product Pins: A virtual “fitting room” experience using augmented reality (you’ll need to work with a Pinterest account manager to get started)

  • Collections Ad: Either a featured video or image with three supporting media pieces (delivered to mobile users only)

  • Carousel Ad: Resembles organic Pins

  • Promoted Pins: A “boosted” existing Pin

  • Shopping Ad: A single image or video pulled from your product catalog

✅ Check that your creative follows the proper ad specs

✅ Choose your budget and bidding approach (custom or automatic bidding). 

✅ Select your campaign duration and run dates. 

✅ Create your target audience (age, gender, location). 

✅ Upload the creative, headlines, and copy for your ads. 

  • Consider adding a text overlay to your images to help users quickly understand your message.

  • Use Pinterest’s trends page to see what’s currently popular.

  • For titles, only the first 30-35 characters will show up in users’ feeds, so make them count.

  • Ensure your video ads work with the sound turned off — add captions and text for silent storytelling.

  • Vertical images on Pinterest perform better than square ones.

  • Add your brand name or logo to your images or videos whenever possible.

✅ Launch your campaign!  
✅ Monitor your results continuously with Pinterest Analytics to identify optimization opportunities.

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