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Perform Better With AdRoll: 3 Stats for D2C Brands

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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If you're wondering how your brand can perform better with AdRoll, it's all in the stats. Here's a TL;DR version for your perusing pleasure:

Talk About Smart and Scrappy

Unless you’re a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand comparable to Warby Parker or Dollar Shave Club, you likely don’t have the same financial resources or brand recognition. So how do you stand out? Simple: You have to be smart and even a little scrappy.

 That’s why the two figures that follow are critical:

80 Billion

That’s the number of daily AI-based predictions AdRoll makes — more than even Nasdaq.

Since 2006, AdRoll has continually enhanced our AI-powered platform to provide an all-encompassing view of consumers for more than 120,000 brands. This commitment to data science has enabled AdRoll to predict shopper behavior and ad performance better than any other platform.

Our AI-driven product recommendations work across ads, email, and the online shopping experience to ensure brand content is dynamic and personalized. These recommendations also help nudge customers toward conversion, thanks to sophisticated targeting that creates awareness and drives traffic from high-intent consumers.

1.2 Billion

That’s the number of signals from the digital profiles analyzed each day by AdRoll’s IntentMap, including data like browsing and shopping behavior. To put this into context: That’s two-thirds of all the digital shoppers in the world — and more than 70% of online shoppers in the U.S.

IntentMap generates literally trillions of data points from which AdRoll creates brand awareness campaigns to target consumers who look and act like your existing customers. That’s in part why AdRoll customers generate $165 billion in sales each year.

These figures — and our research — show that D2C brands using AdRoll are better poised for success than those who don’t. 

But don’t just take our word for it — consider these three stats and the resulting takeaways:

Drive 2X Conversion With Emails and Ads

Approximately 75% of the customers we see on Shopify never make a repeat purchase from the stores where they convert once. But there’s hope: AdRoll data shows shoppers targeted with emails and ads simultaneously are twice as likely to convert as those who only see one or the other. 

AdRoll’s customizable email functionality helps brands capture customer emails and build effective messaging with templates. Clients can also import emails from popular CRM platforms to create targetable audiences and then automate personalized messages to them.

Meanwhile, AdRoll clients can also remind shoppers of the products they’ve browsed with digital ads featuring our AI-powered product recommendations. In addition, our AI-driven product carousel displays top products, recommended products, or previously viewed products to help shoppers discover even more.

Boost Conversion by 23% With the Right Ads

More bad news: D2C brands have twice as many cart abandoners as checkout abandoners. But there’s a silver lining. Our clients’ cart abandoners who go on to see AdRoll campaigns have a 23% higher conversion rate.

For more information on how you can perform better with AdRoll:

To be effective, an abandoned cart recovery campaign should include the audience segmentation, cross-channel campaigns, and onsite personalization mentioned above. In addition, email reminders and retargeting are great tactics to win back these customers.

For more around retargeting strategy. and how you can perform better with AdRoll:

Save 34% on Acquisition Costs With Dynamic Ads

AdRoll’s most popular dynamic ads template has a lot to boast about. It drives 14% higher click-through rates (CTR), 5% lower cost per click (CPC), and 11% higher conversion rates than other templates. Plus, combining it with other templates boosts conversion rates even higher.

But it’s dynamic ads, or those offering a more personalized experience by featuring specific content, that really shine. In fact, our research shows dynamic ads drive 34% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) than static ads alone — and dynamic ads paired with static ads drive 61% lower CPA.

Our clients can create dynamic display ads in less than 60 seconds after pulling in external product feeds. We also offer a bespoke service in which we create custom dynamic and video ads, including static or HTML5. (You can see some of our prior executions here.) 

Ready to Perform Better With AdRoll?

AdRoll’s mission is to unify marketing for e-commerce marketers and to ensure that they have access to a powerful growth marketing platform. So, earlier this year, we rolled out a new suite of tools, including better capabilities for email, product recommendations, and cross-channel measurement.

Our research shows D2C brands are stronger with AdRoll. When you’re ready to try AdRoll on for size, you can find us here.

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